Working Hard-4When was the last time you didn’t have you cell phone within arms reach? If you’re like most Americans, you can’t recall the last time you didn’t have your cell phone on you. The same holds true for physicians, which is why more and more physician recruiters are turning to texting for contacting difficult to reach candidates. Not only is texting a great way to reach candidates who are constantly overwhelmed with emails and calls from recruiters, it also can help expedite the process once a physician has become an active candidate.


But what are the best practices for texting physician candidates? Below are three things recruiters should make sure to do when texting candidates.


1. Keep It Short

Text messages are meant to be kept short and sweet. This is evidenced by the fact that most carriers will break up long messages over multiple, individual texts. To keep this from happening (and to keep candidates from getting irritated at receiving a flurry of long messages) all text messages to candidates should be kept under 160 characters – including spaces. Short messages also appeal to busy candidates who often don’t have the time to read through long messages. By keeping it short, you can increase the liklihood of a quick response and decrease the chances of irritating a potential candidate.


2. Be Direct

Whether cold texting a prospect or setting up interview times with an active physician candidate, being direct and to the point is key. If a candidate has their day interupted by a text, they will want to be able to tell right away what it’s in regards to and quickly make a decision of how to respond. Being direct will also help recruiters keep messages short and help them avoid unnecessary additions to the messages.


3. Self Identify

Getting a message from an unknown number can be frustrating an confusing for anyone, especially if the text message is read in a rush. By self identifying and indicating where you found the candidate’s contact information, a physician recruiter instantly gains some credibility and trust. Additionally, self identifying in the initial text makes following up with the candidate via phone and email easier.



Key take aways:

  • Text messages are meant to be brief so keep them short!
  • Always let candidates know who you are and why you are contacting them
  • Getting right to the point in a text message doesn’t just keep the text short, it keeps it efficient as well