As the competition for top physician talent continues to heat up, recruiters are finding themselves trying to do everything in their power to source more candidates and recruit more effectively. As they begin to utilize more tools to aid in the process and follow best practices for physician recruitment, many physician recruiters are becoming ever more effective at their jobs. But even as they continue to research how to do recruitment right, they are often overlooking what they are doing wrong


Often times, these physician recruitment mistakes are made due to the fact that they don’t immediately affect an organization’s chances of recruiting a physician, especially on easier searches. However,  over time these issues can negatively impact an organization’s physician recruitment efforts in a very real way. Whether it is a tarnished employer brand, missed opportunities, or poor allocation of resources, these missteps can damage your recruitment efforts in the long term. 



1. Don’t Burn Your Bridges

Physician recruiters are known to be overworked and overtired. Because of this, things (and candidates) tend to fall through the cracks and not receive the follow up and attention they need. Whether you are no longer interested in them as a candidate or the position is no longer available, it is imperative that you follow up with every candidate – even the ones you reject. Recruiters who fail to follow up with candidates in a timely manner can give the candidate a negative impression not only of themselves, but of the organization as a whole. This negative impression can then be spread to the candidate’s professional network, causing you to potentially lose out on additional candidates now and in the future.




2. Don’t Use Only One Sourcing Tool

People like what they know and recruiters are no different. Because of this, many recruiters will often go back to the same pool when they need to find their next candidate. Whether it’s an ad in a specific journal, postings on a certain job board, or direct mail, only utilizing one sourcing tool can be a recipe for disaster. In order to maintain a healthy candidate pipeline and ensure that you are reaching all potentially interested candidates, it is important for physician recruiters to diversify and utilize multiple channels for sourcing candidates.




3. Don’t Forget to Measure and Track Your Efforts

Physician recruitment teams are expected to generate impressive results, and often on a tight budget. With limited funds to source and recruit a candidate, it is important that recruiters don’t throw away money on sourcing tools that don’t work. But how do recruiters know what does and doesn’t work? By taking the time to track where candidates are sourced from and what stage in the recruitment process they reached, recruiters can make informed decisions about which tools provide them with the most – and highest quality – candidates. 



Key Take Aways:

  • Following up with candidates is a must – not doing it can hurt you in the long run
  • Putting all of your eggs in one sourcing basket can be a recipe for disaster. Diversify to give your opportunity the most exposure you can.
  • Track and measure! Knowing what works and what doesn’t can help you make more informed decisions the next time around.