Internet  job boards are one of the main tools recruiters use to source qualified physician candidates during a physician recruitment effort. As the demand for physician job board postings has increased, so has the supply, with countless health care oriented job boards across the web. But while the number of job boards has increased, the number of high quality job boards has not. So how is a recruiter supposed to be able to differentiate between the two?


Below are five major factors recruiters should take into account when deciding whether or not to use a specific health care job board:



1. Unique Daily Visitors

What’s the point of posting to a job board if no one is going to see it? Reputable job boards can quote the number of unique daily visitors they get. Compare any potential new job board’s traffic numbers with those of job boards that have been effective for you in the past. If the numbers are favorable, the job board is worth a closer look.



2. Candidate Breakdown

Are the majority of visitors to the site RNs? If so, it might not be worth it to post a physician job or nurse practitioner opportunity on this particular job board. While some catch-all health care job boards can boast high traffic, it’s important to know if this traffic is coming from candidates you’d potentially like to hire. 



3. Resume Database

Most internet job boards offer a resume database alongside their job postings. This enables recruiters to reach out to candidates who may not have originally considered applying to their opportunity, but may still be interested. Make sure to check if resume database access is included in the cost of the posting, and if not, how much extra it will be.


Additionally, make sure to inquire as to how many candidates upload their CV on a monthly basis. If a resume database gets only one or two resume uploads a month, purchasing access will likely not be worth the cost.



4. Posting Network

With so many different places for physicians to go to find job opportunities, it is crucial for recruiters to reach them wherever they may go. Because of this, many job boards offer “posting networks” wherein they partner with other health care or niche job boards to expand a job posting’s reach (think of job boards that spider out to Indeed or Simply Hired). Make sure to find out if the job board posts to other job boards, which those are, and if the network is an additional cost.



5. Branding Options

Most job boards will allow employer branding with a company logo, but some go even further. Sites like Practicelink provide recruiters with ample space to show off their company culture and brand, even offering slide show and video options. In fact, when accompanied by a recruitment video, job posting applications tend to increase by 36%, making these increased branding options crucial.


Key Take Aways:

  • Make sure the job board is attracting enough viewers – and that they’re the right kind
  • See if they have ways for you to reach more candidates – whether through a job posting network or the ability to search for and contact candidates directly
  • Take advantage of sites with employer branding tools – some may even increase applications