Many organizations have embraced marketing strategies that focus on engaging with prospective candidates and drawing them to their sites organically. But in some instances, candidates come to the site and find themselves underwhelmed. Whether it’s poor user experience, no mobile optimization, or a lack of additional information, some organizations find themselves missing out on opportunities once they already have the candidates on their site.


In order to keep themselves from losing quality candidates due to an ineffective physician recruitment website, organizations should make sure that their recruitment sites have the five key aspects below:


1. A Mobile Optimized Site

In today’s world, more active and passive candidates than ever are using mobile devices to connect with potential employers. With 72% of candidates navigating employer websites on mobile devices, and 45% using those devices to apply for positions, organizations cannot afford to have a website that isn’t optimized for mobile. Unfortunately, less than 20% of employers report optimizing their websites or job descriptions for mobile devices. By reducing friction and increasing the ease with which potential candidates can view your recruitment website and apply for positions, employers can decrease the chances of a candidate falling off due to poor user experience.



2. An Easily Searchable Job Board

Physicians are in the enviable position of being highly sought after professionals. With more positions than there are qualified candidates, many physicians find themselves with multiple options. Because of this, creating an excellent user experience is crucial –  and nowhere is it more crucial than on your recruitment website’s job board. A physician who cannot easily search an updated listing of the available positions at your organization (or one who can’t find where the job board is located) will quickly become frustrated and go elsewhere.



3. Employee Testimonials

Your existing employees are one of the best recruitment resources you have. Candidates want to work in collegial environments where they can engage and collaborate with other highly qualified physicians in their field. Using employee testimonials on your physician recruitment website can give candidates an idea of who they would be working with (a hint of personality and professional interests) and why they enjoy working for your organization.



4. Optimized Online Application

Most physicians have taken their job search efforts online, including applying for positions. Since 45% of candidates are now applying for positions using their mobile devices, it is important for organizations to make their application process mobile friendly. Organizations can capitalize on this by using shortened applications for mobile users, the ability to attach a resume from Dropbox, or even a dedicated job seeker app.


5. Contact Information

While this may seem like an obvious thing to include on a recruitment website, a surprising number of recruiters fail to provide prospective candidates with a way to contact them directly to learn more. Recruitment websites should include the name of the recruiter for the positions, their direct line, and their email address (not a generic email address). This way interested candidates who are unsure about applying can get more information from the recruiter and become further engaged.

Kay Take Aways:

  • Candidates are using mobile devices in their job search more than ever, so make sure your site and application process are mobile optimized
  • A great user experience goes a long way – make your job board and site easily searchable and navigable
  • Give interested candidates an easy way to contact you directly to improve their candidate experience