The physician recruitment landscape is constantly changing. With new tools and technology becoming available, recruiters are using everything at their disposal to attract and retain top physician candidates in what is becoming an increasingly competitive physician recruitment market.


But what are some of the top recruiting trends going into 2016? Below are seven recruiting trends that are shaping the way physician recruiters reach and engage physician candidates throughout the recruitment cycle.



1. Big Data

Big data is all the rage in the marketing world, and as we’ll discuss later, recruiting is starting to look more like marketing every day. One way this is showing up is through the use of big data to create personalized experiences for active and passive candidates. The increased use of personalization is for good reason. Many individuals have come to expect a certain level of personalization (85% of brands use at least basic personalization) and for many companies, good personalization has shown an average uplift in engagement of 19 percent. 



2. Employer Branding

What sets your organization apart from the competition? What does your ideal candidate look for in an opportunity? Knowing and being able to articulate these things has become crucial for hospitals and health systems trying to attract top physician talent. Physician candidates are no longer satisfied with opportunities with decent hours and pay. Instead, they want to work for organizations that show a commitment to excellence, a desire to be on the cutting edge of medicine, and appreciate a physician’s need for work-life balance. By knowing who your target candidate is and what they want, employers are now able to tailor their recruiting content to those desires.



3. Mobile

In our constantly connected world, people often spend more time on their phones and tablets than in front of their desktop computers. The same is true for job seekers of all types – over two thirds browse career sites and social media opportunities from a mobile device, and 45% even use their mobile devices to apply for opportunities. With so many prospective physician candidates using their phones and tablets to explore job opportunities, it’s no wonder that more and more organizations are optimizing their sites and applications for mobile.



4. Remote Work Opportunities

While still not widespread, telemedicine has grown in popularity – both with employers and physicians themselves. Especially in remote locations or for hard to fill positions, telemedicine is helping physicians connect with patients in need without having to uproot their lives. Many physicians now will only consider telemedicine positions – especially in psychiatry. In addition to telemedicine, many physicians are drawn to remote-work administrative positions, acting as physician reviewers or other administrative roles, all from the comfort of their own homes.



5. Recruiting as Marketing

As we spend more of our time online, we’ve become inundated with messages. This is especially true of physician candidates who find themselves on the receiving end of hundreds of recruitment emails, text messages, phone calls, and pieces of mail. In order to cut through the noise and stand out from the competition, recruiters have started to make use of marketing best practices to reach and engage prospective physician candidates, nurturing them through the recruitment cycle until they are ready to join the organization.



6. Video

As organizations seek to broadcast their employer brand and company culture to prospective candidates, many are turning to video to tell their organization’s story. Additionally, organizations are increasingly incorporating video in their recruitment postings, and for good reason: job postings get 36% more applications when accompanied by a video.


7. Physician Retention

With recruiting top physician talent becoming more difficult, it has become increasingly important for organizations to retain the physicians already on their team. To improve their chances of retaining top employees, many organizations have begun placing more emphasis on recruiting physicians for cultural fit, lengthening the on boarding process, and instituting robust mentorship programs.

Key Take Aways:

  • Physician recruiters are taking advantage of technology to improve communication with candidates and increase their candidate pools
  • Physician recruitment is beginning to look more and more like marketing as organizations try to attract top physician talent
  • Many hospitals and health systems are placing increased emphasis on physician retention to reduce the need to recruit more physicians due to turnover