The days of physician recruiters being able to simply run an ad or post an opportunity to a job board and receive dozens of applications for a position are long gone. With over two thirds of prospective candidates being passive candidates, recruiters are finding themselves reaching out to physicians who may not be perusing job boards or journal classifieds. Because of this, many physician candidates are finding themselves inundated with recruitment emails and calls on a daily basis. So how does a physician recruiter actually get through to one of these candidates and stand out from the pack?


While time consuming, cold calling physician candidates can be very effective when done right. Below are tips and best practices for when to call candidates, what to say, and how to follow up.




Key Take Aways:

  • Call when candidates are less likely to be at work, such as after hours or on weekends
  • Always follow up! Whether they pick up or you reach their voicemail, reaching out to them through another channel when possible is crucial
  • Don’t be afraid to ask if an uninterested candidate might know someone who might be a good fit