3 Reasons to Maintain Relationships with Physician Candidates

3 Reasons to Maintain Relationships with Physician Candidates

26Mar, 2015

3 Reasons to Maintain Relationships with Physician Candidates

All too often, recruiters fail to maintain relationships with excellent physician candidates who, for one reason or another, did not work out for a specific opportunity. While it might seem to make sense to not waste time or mental energy on a candidate that your organization didn’t hire, maintaining these relationships can pay big dividends in the long run. 


Below are 3 reasons maintaining relationships with physician candidates: 


1. Thinking Big Picture

When recruiting for a major health system, it is easy to become absorbed in recruiting for a specific need. This focus can often lead recruiters to discard excellent physician candidates that aren’t the right fit, not realizing that this candidate could be a fit for another location or a future need. While focus is important for recruiters to be successful, it is also important to take the “big picture” of the physician recruitment needs for the entire health system into consideration. By doing this, physician recruiters can help ensure a steady candidate pipeline for multiple needs.


2. Employer Reputation


The medical community, especially in certain specialties,  can be very small – and word travels fast. Because of this, it is crucial for physician recruiters to ensure that all candidates (including those who do not work out) have an excellent experience with the organization during the recruitment process and after. Not only will this increase the likelihood of them taking a position in your organization in the future, but it will also improve the chances that the candidate will refer a colleague for that or another position.


3. Staying Top of Mind

Sometimes a candidate’s search is placed on hold due to extenuating circumstances, but that doesn’t mean their search won’t be restarted in the future. In these cases, maintaining a relationship with a physician candidate, even after they are no longer under consideration, can yield excellent results. By keeping in touch with them, the organization ensures that they will be at the forefront of the candidate’s mind when they restart their search.



Key Take Aways:

  • Maintaining relationships with candidates helps protect your employer reputation
  • Referrals from these candidates can help fill a recruiter’s searches – especially since they are likely passive job seekers
  • Just because  candidate isn’t the right fit for a particular job doesn’t mean they won’t be a fit in the future – or for a different practice opportunity