3 Ways the Summer Months Complicate Candidate Site Visits

3 Ways the Summer Months Complicate Candidate Site Visits

9Jun, 2015

3 Ways the Summer Months Complicate Candidate Site Visits

Candidate site visits are a pivotal point of your physician recruitment process. Already in the home stretch, a site visit plays a major role in whether or not a candidate will choose to join your team, so it’s up to you as the physician recruiter to make sure that everything goes smoothly. But with so many moving parts and changing variables, ensuring that a site visit goes according to plan can be difficult – and even more difficult when scheduled during the summer months. 


Be it too many people, missing team members, or questionable motives, candidate site visits during the summer pose a unique set of challenges. Below are three ways summer can complicate site visits – and how to handle each speed bump.



1. A Family Affair

If it’s the summer, it means one thing – school is out. While during the fall and spring candidates tend to leave their families at home during site visits, during the summer they show up to site visits with the whole family in tow. Having to woo a spouse and children often poses a challenge for physician recruiters who must also shuttle the candidate to different interviews and events. 


What to do: Offering baby sitting services or scheduling time for the spouse and children to visit local areas (like a community center or sports league) that correspond to their interests can free up the candidate to interview with team members without having them feel guilty about their family being stuck in a hotel. Also, planning dinners and bar-b-q’s where the family can get to know the families of other team members can work in your favor.



2. The Site Visit – Vacation Combination

Employers in desirable locations often question if a candidate is coming in for a site visit because they are really interested in the opportunity, or if they just want a free trip. While for some this is a problem year round, it becomes more of an issue during the summer months. Whether you’re located in a major city or near a beach, you’ll find that some candidates will agree to a site visit just for a free family vacation.


What to do: Make sure to only invite candidates for summer site visits after extensive phone and skype interviews with team members. Thorough screenings and interviews can discourage most candidates from moving forward if they are not truly interested. Additionally, make sure to provide them with a detailed itinerary, showing how their days in the community will be scheduled and organized.



3. Absent Key Players

Just as many candidates use the summers to take vacations, many of your existing team members and key decision makers will choose to take their vacations in the summers as well. This can make your life as the recruiter incredibly difficult, needing to work with coordinating the schedules and vacations of multiple individuals, in addition to the candidate.

What to do:  Plan summer site visits ahead of schedule, allowing both the candidates and key players plenty of time to provide you with multiple dates of availability.


Key Takeaways:

  • Make sure to have alternate activities planned for candidates who choose to bring along their families during summer site visits
  • Plan ahead  and get multiple dates of availability from candidates and key players to make sure site visits are productive
  • As the summer looms, make sure that candidates go through a vigorous phone and skype interview process, as the ones who just wanted to visit for the free vacation will likely withdraw their interest