4 Reasons to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts During the Holidays

4 Reasons to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts During the Holidays

23Nov, 2015

4 Reasons to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts During the Holidays


As the holidays roll around, many physician recruiters will begin to put many of their recruitment activities – from opportunity marketing to scheduling site visits – on hold until the new year. Some recruiters assume that as the holidays roll around, physicians will become less available and less likely to seek out new opportunities, but the opposite is actually true.

As the new year gets closer and physicians begin to take time off, recruiters should accelerate, not stop, their physician recruitment activities. Below are four great reasons recruiters should boost their holiday recruitment efforts during the holidays.


1. Fewer Distractions

It’s no secret that a physician recruiter’s job is never done. Saddled with far more searches than they can handle, many recruiters often find themselves bogged down in minute details and with fewer opportunities to plan ahead and follow up. But as employees take off for the holidays, recruiters can find themselves with fewer distractions and more opportunities to plan for the year ahead and undertake time intensive tasks (such as cold calling and data mining for candidates).



2. Increased Availability

One of the perks of the holidays is that prospective physician candidates – much like your coworkers – often take plenty of time off. No longer at work, these physicians become easier to reach for initial phone screenings and for scheduling interviews. Additionally, some physician candidates already in the pipeline may be planning to be in your area for the holidays – especially if they have family ties to the location. This can make scheduling candidates for site visits easier, less costly, and more effective as the candidate feels the pull to the community.



3. Physician Downtime

As physicians sit around on thanksgiving to watch the Macy’s day parade, they find themselves enjoying one thing they rarely do – downtime. As they relax, they may find themselves flipping through academic journals, going through old recruitment emails, or taking a longer glance than usual at a recruitment postcard. Because of this, it is crucial for recruiters to ramp up their physician recruitment efforts and marketing during the holidays.



4. New Year – New Opportunity

As the year comes to a close, many physicians will find themselves reevaluating their current positions and career paths. As they reflect and decide upon the goals they’re going to try to achieve in the following year, many come to the conclusion that it’s time for a change. By ramping up holiday recruitment efforts, physician recruiters can take advantage of this sentiment and reach physicians just as they’re beginning their job search.



Key Take Aways:

  • Use the quiet time around the holidays to plan out your physician recruitment strategy for the following year
  • Take advantage of increase availability and physician downtime during the holidays by increasing your recruitment marketing and screening process
  • Get in before the competition and start marketing to candidates who may be looking for a change in the new year