4 Reasons to reach out to 2015 physician candidates late in the game

4 Reasons to reach out to 2015 physician candidates late in the game

11Jun, 2015

4 Reasons to reach out to 2015 physician candidates late in the game


The majority of medical groups, hospitals and health systems have a robust physician recruitment strategy that emphasizes recruiting physician candidates straight out of residency. These tech savvy new graduates often have boundless energy and up to date medical knowledge that is highly sought after by many health care employers, and many of these employers are targeting them up to two years before graduation. But just because it seems like it’s a little late to snatch up these desireable physician candidates, doesn’t mean that there aren’t still candidates still open to your opportunity.

Whether it’s due to a huge personal change or a desire to wait until they are done with their residency, many graduating physician residents find themselves still looking for opportunities as the end of their residency looms. Below are four reasons to reach out to graduating candidates – even if you think it might be too late.



1. Some Candidates Procrastinate

While over 68% of graduating residents begin their job search 12 months prior to graduating, the other 32% still put off their job search. These candidates are often left scrambling last minute to find a position before they complete their training, while others wait until the rigors of residency are done before undertaking a job search.



2. Many Graduating Residents Are Indecisive

Any seasoned physician recruiter who’s screened a graduating resident can tell you one thing – most don’t know what they want. While this can sometimes mean that the candidates will be flexible, it can also mean that candidates can be indecisive when it comes time to choose which contract to sign. This indecision can lead to a candidate delaying to the point where a contract can fall through, leaving them to look for another opportunity. 



3. Priorities Change

Many residents begin their job search a year before they complete their residency. But as almost anyone can attest, a lot can happen in a year. Whether it’s a family emergency, a career opportunity for a spouse, or a desire to be in a different location, some candidates can find that where they want to practice – and even if they want to practice full time – can change midway through their job search. Because of this, candidates who once were on the precipice of accepting an offer now find themselves needing to make new arrangements.


4. Contracts Fall Through

A surprising number of candidates find themselves facing the completion of their residency only to find out that their contract has fallen through. Whether a retiring physician has suddenly decided to stay on another couple of years, or if after a reorganization a group realizes that a new physician is not in their budget for the following year, a great candidate can find themselves without employment when nearing graduation due to circumstances outside of their controll.


In physician recruitment, timing is everything. This is particularly true of graduating physician candidates who are going through a tumultous phase of their careers. As their status as physicians changes, so do their priorities and desires. By reaching out to these candidates as their training comes to a close, you might find more than one is open to hearing about your opportunities.