4 Signs That Your Physician Recruitment Team Needs an ATS

4 Signs That Your Physician Recruitment Team Needs an ATS

2Apr, 2015

4 Signs That Your Physician Recruitment Team Needs an ATS

There is plenty of debate among physician recruitment professionals about the importance (or lack thereof) of having an applicant tracking system (ATS). Whether the concerns are often about cost, automation, and the fear of missing out out a candidate, many recruitment departments fail to truly look at the needs of their organization and see if an Applicant Tracking System could be a much needed solution to their problems. But first, physician recruiters need to examine the issues they are facing and decide if they are ones that could be solved by an ATS.

Below are four instances where an ATS may be the solution to your problems.


1. Candidates are falling through the cracks

The average physician recruiter handles well over 12 searches at any given time. Between scanning CVs, screening candidates, and scheduling interviews, the average recruiter is easily overwhelmed. During these times of high pressures and limited resources, it is not too difficult for a steller candidate to fall through the cracks. But with the right applicant tracking system, a recruiter can create detailed reports and automated alerts, ensuring that no candidate is accidentally forgotten. 



2. Your recruiters are overworked

Following up with every applicant during the various stages of the recruitment process is exhausting, as is manually managing candidate trackings and reports. Instead of having to do these tasks themselves, physician recruiters can save time by automating many job functions, freeing up their time to complete tasks that require extensive amounts of personal attention. From automating follow up emails to automatically delivered reports and trackings, a good system can free up hours of a recruiter’s time every week.



3. Rejected candidates don’t know where they stand

Creating an excellent candidate experience for all candidates is crucial for any employer concerned with their reputation among potential employees. Part of this candidate experience is following up with physician candidates – even those who are no longer under consideration. By automating this process for candidates early on in the recruitment funnel, recruiters can ensure that every candidate knows where they stand and do so without having to dedicate extra time to it.


4. You can’t pinpoint the week spots of your recruitment process

Sometimes a recruitment effort hits a speedbump, but other times the same issues derail each and every recruitment effort at one point or another. By utilizing an effective Applicant Tracking System, recruiters can look back and see where the issues were along the recruitment process and take needed steps to correct any problems. 


Key Take Aways:

An ATS may not be the answer for every physician recruitment team, but it’s important for recruiters to know what problems can be solved and time can be saved if it is the right solution for them. Some key take aways:

  • Don’t waste time doing tasks you can have automated – your time is better spent elsewhere
  • Knowing what went wrong and when is crucial to improving your recruitment process
  • Creating an excellent candidate experience is crucial for maintaining an organizations reputation – and it’s easier with a little help