4 Ways to Improve the Diversity of Candidates in Physician Recruitment

4 Ways to Improve the Diversity of Candidates in Physician Recruitment

13Apr, 2015

4 Ways to Improve the Diversity of Candidates in Physician Recruitment

As the number of minorities in the US increases (US Census estimating that minorities are on track to become the majority by 2043), it is becoming increasingly important for employing organizations to recruit minority physicians to better serve this growing segment of the population. Not only do patients who share ethinc and cultural  concordance with their providers indicate higher patient satisfaction scores, but they also tend to experience longer visits and are more likely to adhere to treatment directives.

Because of this, it has become crucial for healthcare employers to increase the diversity of their physician workforce. But while the need to increase the diversity in healthcare recruitment is clear to many physician recruiters, the question of how remains for many. Below are four ways healthcare employers can improve the diversity of candidates in the physician recruitment pipeline. 


1. Enlist Your Existing Physicians

Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles to finding and recruiting minority physicians isn’t where the opportunity is, but how the opportunity is marketed. Working with existing minority physicians on staff to identify and possible road blocks or areas for improvement on how to sell the organization and the opportunity to minority physicians can go a long way in attracting and hiring minority physicians. 




2. Establish Relationships with Select Medical Schools

When it comes to graduating a diverse class of medical students, not all medical schools are created equal. Many medical schools are known for graduating high numbers of black and hispanic medical students while others are not. By establishing relationships with these medical schools and alumni associations, organizations can get there opportunities in front of a diverse group of candidates, helping them to hire physicians from a wider range of backgrounds. For information on which schools are minority-serving, refer to the Association of American Medical Colleges.




3. Reach out to Minority Organizations

The American Medical Association keeps a directory of the various ethnic medical associations on their site. Associations include both broad-based groups as well as ones targeted at physicians from specific countries. By having the associations alert their membership to any openings at your organization, physician recruiters can ensure that their openings are being seen by physicians in their target demographic.



4. Utilize minority-specific job boards

Whether it’s through a minority medical association or an unaffiliated job board, many diversity oriented job boards offer recruiters the opportunity to get their positions in front of minority candidates who would otherwise not have come across them. By utilizing the ethnic medical association job boards and sites like diversity MD, recruiters can cast the widest net possible in their quest to recruit minority physicians. 




Key Take Aways:

  • Enlist the help of your existing physicians
  • Target schools and locations that have a large minority population
  • Utilize associations and job boards aimed at helping organizations recruit minority physicians