5 Occasions When You Should Text Physician Candidates

5 Occasions When You Should Text Physician Candidates

14May, 2015

5 Occasions When You Should Text Physician Candidates

People Together-9Texting is rapidly replacing voice calls as most people’s preferred method of communication. Usually quick and to the point, text messages make communicating easy for individuals on the go. For busy physicians, communicating through text can be ideal – allowing them to send a quick response when they find a free moment.


But when should you choose text messages over more traditional forms of communication? Below are five instances where text messages can be a more efficient means of communication with physician candidates.



1. Establishing Contact with a Cold Lead

While it may seem counter intuitive, using text messages as the initial point of contact with a prospective candidate can actually be extremely effective. The average physician receives dozens of recruitment emails and phone calls every week, making it so that many of your voice mails and emails will get lost in the shuffle. Additionally, text messages are far less intrusive than phone calls, making it easier for physician candidates to respond at their convenience.



2. Following Up with Difficult to Reach Candidates

Some candidates, due to their busy schedules or due to the fact that they live in vastly different time zones, can be very difficult to reach. Because of their lack of a set schedule (or one that coincides with the physician recruiter’s), it can be very difficult to follow up on their interest level or see if they would be able to come in for a site visit. By using text messages to follow up, recruiters can maintain the lines of communication open with busy physician candidates.


3. Scheduling (and Rescheduling) Interviews

Going back and forth finding dates and times that work for both the candidates and the key decision makers is notoriously difficult. Playing phone tag or using an endless stream of emails to set up times can be very frustrating. But by using text messages, recruiters can make the scheduling process quicker and easier for all parties involved.



4. Sending Interview Reminders

Some candidates have longer time lines than others, making it so in the time it takes to go from the initial phone interview to the final offer, a candidate can lose track of when and where their interviews are. By sending interview reminders with the date, time, and (if applicable) location, candidates can be sure to be on top of their game and able to make a great impression on the interviewers.



5. Wishing Them Good Luck

When recruiting physician candidates to a large organization, it is important to make sure to humanize it. Prior to a candidate’s interview, send them a quick text to wish them luck. This helps put a personal spin on the interaction and make the candidate feel as if they are uniquely important to your organization.


Key Take Aways:

  • Texting can make keeping in touch with candidates easier
  • A text is far less intrusive than a phone call for contacting cold leads
  • Get rid of email back and forth with simple text messages for scheduling
  • Make sure to follow text message best practices to avoid any missteps