5 Reasons to Consider Physician Recruitment Process Outsourcing

5 Reasons to Consider Physician Recruitment Process Outsourcing

26Aug, 2016

5 Reasons to Consider Physician Recruitment Process Outsourcing



The urgency felt by many healthcare organizations to fill their high volume of physician needs quickly is strong. With many organizations growing and/or losing portions of their providers each year, the need for highly qualified physicians is greater than it’s ever been. But with this increased need for talent comes challenges, from filling their positions quickly in a competitive market to reducing the cost per hire. In order to do this effectively, many organizations are turning to firms and outsourcing their recruitment efforts – either completely or in part. 


But while many organizations have embraced recruitment process outsourcing, others are hesitant and don’t see what advantages are to be gained by outsourcing their recruitment process. There are many advantages, but below are five of the greatest that can make a meaningful impact on the cost, quality, and speed associated with their recruitment efforts when they outsource their physician recruitment process.


1. Cost Reduction

We all know that bringing a physician on board can be incredibly expensive, especially when doing it all in-house. By outsourcing your physician recruitment efforts, you can decrease the number of full time employees you need to effectively recruit physicians, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars you would be spending on salaries and benefits. Additionally, utilizing recruitment process outsourcing can give a third party the ability to spot the inconsistencies and roadblocks in your process that are standing between you and your recruitment goals. Outsourcing your recruitment needs can help you streamline the process and reduce the time to hire.



2. Quality of Hire

Physician recruitment firms often have several recruiters who spend their days speaking to candidates, many of whom are not actively hunting for a new position. Between referrals from existing candidates, email and direct mail to their extensive internal databases, and traditional recruiting methods like job boards, recruitment firms can reach candidates that it would be difficult for an in-house recruiter to find. Additionally, recruitment process outsourcing, when done right, makes sure to find the candidate who is the perfect fit by getting a thorough understanding of the position, creating an ideal candidate profile, and a targeted job description, making it easier for them to find the right candidate for your needs.



3. Resources

Since recruitment firms spend their days recruiting for multiple clients, they often have access to resources that in-house recruitment teams don’t. Due to the high volume of opportunities they are constantly sourcing for, these firms can negotiate significantly lower rates for everything from job board postings to direct mail costs. Additionally, these firms often have massive internal databases of active and passive candidates that they can reach through email blasts and mass texting campaigns



4. Industry and Market Knowledge

When you outsource your physician recruitment efforts, it’s to a firm that has been working in the field for decades. These professionals have seen the ups and downs of the healthcare field and are up to date on competitive salary ranges, effective recruitment incentives, the difficulty involved in recruiting certain specialists, what small touches can convince a physician to sign, and what your competitors are doing. This knowledge can help you make your recruitment efforts more competitive and decrease your chances of losing a candidate to the competition.



5. Agility

The volume of physicians a group will need to recruit can change with the seasons. If you utilize only your in-house recruitment team, it can make weathering these changes exceedingly difficult. When several new needs arise at once, it can be impossible for in-house teams to hire enough recruiters to meet their needs in a timely manner. By utilizing recruitment process outsourcing, organizations are able to respond to these changes in demand more readily while assuming none of the risk involved in hiring additional employees.


Key Take Aways:

  • Outsourcing your physician recruitment efforts can save organizations money while reducing their risk by reducing time to hire and responding to changing needs quickly
  • The resources and knowledge held by a firm is often decades deep and can provide organizations with a competitive advantage in the long run
  • Access to passive candidates can help firms find a candidate that is a perfect fit and wouldn’t be found through traditional recruitment tools such as job boards