5 Things to Do at Year End to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts in 2016

5 Things to Do at Year End to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts in 2016

9Dec, 2015

5 Things to Do at Year End to Boost Physician Recruitment Efforts in 2016


As the year comes to a close and the holidays draw closer, many recruiters are winding down their recruitment activities for the end of the year. While December isn’t traditionally considered the best time of year for recruiting physicians, it can provide recruiters with the necessary lull to assess, plan, and jump start their physician recruitment efforts for the next year.


In order to make the best use of your downtime and really get your recruitment engine revved up for next year, it is important for recruiters to do these five things:



1. Assess Your Recruiting Successes and Failures

Tracking your candidate sourcing strategies and physician recruitment efforts is something every recruiter knows they should do, but rarely follow through on. Knowing what works – and even more what doesn’t – can save you and your organization time, money, and frustration. Take the time this year to carefully review where your best leads came from, what wording and job copy was the most effective, and what times worked best for reaching candidates.


2. Review Your Manpower Plan

Every organization should have a well thought out manpower plan. Knowing how many physicians you’re going to need to hire – and by when – can help recruiters set goals and start laying the groundwork for difficult hires early. Take the time at the end of this year to review your manpower plan and see if you’re on track to meet your recruitment goals.


3. Pivot in Your Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Just because graduating residents and others on the summer schedule aren’t generally looking in December doesn’t mean no one is. At the end of the year, many practicing physicians and off-cycle residents  begin their job search, as well as roughly a third of graduating residents who are getting off to a late start in their job search. Start planning how to re-work your sourcing strategy to target these physicians in the winter months.


Additionally, December is a perfect month to aggressively market your opportunity. As physicians take time off for the holidays, they have more free time to browse journal advertisements, go through their mail, and search through job boards.


4. Tackle Neglected Side Projects

Have you really taken the time to engage with your followers on social media and build a robust presence? What about making your recruitment website mobile friendly and improving the overall user experience? December is a great time to take advantage of the slow down and get to the projects you’d been meaning to tackle all year.


5. Set New Goals

After reviewing what you did right (and not so right) in the past year, it’s the perfect time to plan and set new goals for the following year. Consider setting goals for:


  • Number of candidates to reach out to
  • Number of placements to fill
  • Reducing the cost of recruitment


This will help give you clarity and focus when deciding what to concentrate on and things to accomplish in the new year.

Key Take Aways:

  • Take advantage of slow periods to tackle neglected projects and review your recruitment and sourcing efforts
  • Review where you are in terms of recruiting goals and plan ahead for new ones
  • Reassess your candidate sourcing strategy to attract the candidates that are looking now