5 Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Physician Recruitment

5 Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Physician Recruitment

21May, 2015

5 Things Your Competition Can Teach You About Physician Recruitment

It’s a story many physician recruiters are familiar with. A stellar candidate is set on relocating to their area, but after several promising interviews and many times even an offer of employment, the candidate instead decides to join the competition. While this is undoubtedly frustrating for the recruiters who were confident the physician would join their team, this should be taken as a crucial learning experience.


When a candidate decides to join a local competitor – sometimes even going literally across the street – it is an opportunity for the physician recruiter to assess why they lost the candidate and learn how to use the competition’s strategies to grow their own team.

Below are five recruitment lessons a savvy physician recruiter can learn from their competition to improve their physician recruitment process:




1. Tailoring the Offer

As the competition for top talent in health care gets fiercer, health care organizations need to learn how to entice candidates to join them over the competition. One way some employers are doing this is by tailoring the offer to each candidate’s specific priorities. Whether it’s offering generous loan repayment or higher relocation assistance, knowing what is most pressing to a candidate in their search and including it in the offer letter can help employers bring more candidates on board.



2. Courting the Candidate

Recruiting a physician is similar to recruiting an executive in many ways, including the need to wine and dine stellar candidates. Top physician candidates are often interviewing with multiple practices and groups, and in order to stand out, it is necessary for recruiters to roll out the red carpet. Making the candidate feel truly valued and desired can go a long way in physician recruitment.



3. Providing Flexibility

The priorities of physicians today are changing. With the majority placing an emphasis on finding an opportunity that offers work-life balance, it has become increasingly important to provide candidates with flexibility. Many employers are offering candidates flexibility with a 30 hour work week or more vacation time, giving physicians the flexibility to find and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Showing the same flexibility in your own organization can help you stand out above the competition.



4. Recruitment Advertising

Do you know where your competition is advertising their opportunities and how they’re selling their organization? Finding where and how the competition is advertising an opportunity can help your organization learn what is speaking to candidates and getting them to inquire about your opportunities in the first place.



5. Candidate Follow Up

Communicating with candidates should happen early and often. Following up with candidates right after they submit their CV, have their initial interview, and throughout the physician recruitment process can help reassure a candidate that they are a priority for your organization. Additionally, following up often throughout the process can help recruiters gauge a candidate’s interest level and address any concerns before the competition has the ability to swoop in and steal the candidate.


Key Take Aways:

  • Tailor the offer and opportunity to a candidate’s priorities
  • Learn how and where your competition is advertising to avoid missing opportunities
  • Keep in constant communication with candidates to make them feel valued and address any concerns