5 Ways Instagram Can Enhance Your Physician Recruitment Efforts

5 Ways Instagram Can Enhance Your Physician Recruitment Efforts

19Feb, 2016

5 Ways Instagram Can Enhance Your Physician Recruitment Efforts


Plenty of health care organizations have gotten on board with using sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for recruiting prospective physician candidates. Noting the value of attracting and engaging with prospective candidates where they congregate, most practices have made at least a passing effort at using social media as part of their physician recruitment strategy. But while most use the big three and Youtube, almost no health care organizations make use of Instagram in recruiting physicians.


This is a lost opportunity. With over 300 million users (12 million more than twitter), Instagram is one of the largest social media networks around. What’s more, these users are active, with more than 70% logging in at least once a day. And while many of the users may be to young for your organization to hire now (53% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram), many (25%) 30-45 year olds are active on the site.

Still not convinced? Here are five ways Instagram can enhance your physician recruitment efforts:


1. Insight Into Company Culture

Recruiting for cultural fit has become one of the biggest priorities for many recruiters in the effort to increase employee retention. By posting pictures of events, employees at work, and community outreach, organizations can provide prospective candidates with a visual representation of their company culture. This, in turn, will encourage candidates who would thrive in your organization to apply to your opportunities.



2. Highlight Facilities

Did you just renovate a practice? Open a brand new, state of the art cancer institute? These are all selling points to prospective candidates. Highlight your facilities using photos and video tours on Instagram and give prospective candidates a look at where they would be working.



3. Showcase Employees

Your organization’s current employees are one of your greatest resources as a recruiter. Showcase employees using photos and videos showing what they do, why they love it, and why they enjoy working with your organization. Additionally, showing off your employees can showcase your organization’s high retention rates. One health care system did this by posting photos of employees with their start dates, showing how long they’ve been a valued member of your team.



4. Engage with Prospective Candidates

Social media isn’t just for sourcing candidates – it’s for connecting with them. Prospective candidates can comment on your images and videos, ask to find out more about your organization, or ask about opportunities. The comments allow you to reply and provide prospective candidates with what they want most – an informative and speedy response.



5. Promote Innovations, Procedures, and Equipment

 Many physician candidates want to work for hospitals and health systems that are committed to providing top of the line care to patients. Posting images and videos of innovation treatments, cutting edge procedures, and state-of-the-art equipment can show prospective candidates that you are a forward thinking organization and make them want to break down new barriers with you.

Key Take Aways:


  • Use Instagram images to show off your organization’s unique culture and dedicated employees
  • Start reaching out to the younger demographic of Instagram users – you’ll be looking to hire them in the next 2-10 years
  • Use images and videos to show off state-of-the-art facilities, procedures, and equipment