5 Ways of Using Pinterest for Physician Recruitment

5 Ways of Using Pinterest for Physician Recruitment

12Jan, 2015

5 Ways of Using Pinterest for Physician Recruitment

When most people think about Pinterest, they don’t generally think of it as a tool for the physician recruitment process. While Pinterest has traditionally been used to share recipes and fashion choices, there are many ways that recruiters in the healthcare field can leverage the site to enhance their recruitment process, especially when recruiting physicians who would be relocating to the area.



Here are five ways that recruiters can utilize Pinterest to help sell their practices and communities to prospective candidates.


1)  Map of Practices and Facilities throughout the region


Whether your recruiting to a private practice or major health system, it is always key for physicians to know where they will be practicing, admitting patients, and where other potential practice locations with your organization might be located. Is your practice located near fantastic restaurants? Down the road from a trendy neighborhood? Steps away from the hospital to which they would be admitting patients? With the Pinterest map feature, you can easily show your prospective candidates when the practices and relevant hospitals are located, and even where you might have additional openings they may also want to consider.


2)  Boards on Organization Culture


Doctors and nurses don’t just want to join any organization – they want to join the right organization. They want to make sure that the practice or hospital they’ll be joining has a culture that they would be comfortable in and aligns with their unique personality. Show off your practice’s or organization’s employee culture by creating boards with pictures from employee events, volunteer drives, and other activities that keep your employees engaged with your organization and create a sense of cohesion.


3)  Boards on Community Events and Activities


When a physician or allied health professional is looking to relocate to a different city or state for an opportunity, they might not always know what cultural activities might be available. It’s up to you as the physician recruiter to show them all that your community has to offer – especially if its cultural offerings are not widely known.


Some great things to include on such a board are:

  • Local museums and galleries
  • Festivals for music, food, and cultural celebrations
  • Symphonies and the Opera
  • Sporting venues and golf courses
  • Top rated restaurants and historical sites


4)  Map of Public and Private schools in the area


Healthcare professionals with young children want to make sure that wherever they decide to move their families to will have excellent schools for their children. Creating a visual representation with all of the best public and private schools (along with links) using the Pinterest maps feature can help put a physician’s mind at ease about their child’s education. Additionally, pointing out any universities and colleges can be a great plus for any physicians with older children completing high school.



5)  Interest Specific Boards


Does your area have great golf courses? Maybe a thriving boating community? Or perhaps fantastic ski slopes? Highlight these interests in niche boards, mapping out all of the great yacht clubs or golf courses in your community. Then, when a candidate mentions during an initial candidate screening how they wish they could get in a round of golf before coming into the office, you can send them the niche board, showing them they have plenty of options when it comes to getting in their tee time before coming in to see patients.



Take Aways:


  • Use Pinterest to highlight what makes your community great – and great for them
  • Help them get the lay of the land by using map boards
  • Address candidate’s specific needs and interests with dedicated boards