5 Ways to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Practice Culture

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Practice Culture

10Feb, 2016

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Practice Culture


With so many choices today, physician candidates don’t just want to work at any practice. Instead, physicians want to work at practices who’s values, culture, and clinical mission align with their own. Because of this, it has become increasingly important for physician recruiters to emphasize a practice’s unique culture when sourcing and screening candidates.


But many recruiters find themselves at a loss in how to effectively communicate a practice’s culture to prospective candidates, much less in how to use it to attract candidates in the first place. This is where social media can add value to the physician recruitment process. With so many platforms, there is a way for every organization to use social media in physician recruitment programs.


Below are five ways recruiters can use social media to effectively communicate a practice’s culture – and even use it to attract prospective candidates.


1. Employee Spotlights

Making sure you would get along with who you would be working with is one of the most important aspects of choosing an opportunity for physicians. They want to make sure that who they would be working with aligns with their practice style. A great way to show this to prospective candidates is through employee spotlights. Using articles, videos, photos, or a combination, employee spotlights allows prospective candidates the chance to see if they might enjoy working with your existing employees. In spotlights, make sure to highlight:


  • Employee special interests 
  • Mission and values
  • Why they enjoy working at your practice



2. Facility Photos and Videos

Don’t be afraid to show off your facility to your followers! Including photos of your facilities and video tours can give prospective candidates an idea of where they’ll be working – and what they’ll have to work with. This is especially effective when done after a renovation or upgrade in equipment.



3. News & Practice Events 

Did  your facility just become stroke certified? Did you just perform (and record) a unique procedure? Did your practice just have an employee appreciation day? All of these are cause for articles, videos, and photos posted to your social media, showing your practice’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and employee satisfaction.



4. Community Programs

Does your practice regularly participate in programs in the community? Whether they’re health fairs, speaking engagements, or another type of community health related activity, posting photos and articles around these programs can help show the integral role your practice plays in the community for prospective candidates.



5. Employee Engagement

No one can show off your practice culture more than your existing employees. As a walking, talking embodiment of your practice’s culture, an employee can act as an ambassador on your behalf through social media. By engaging with your organization online and sharing your practice’s message with their own social networks, employees can act as examples of your practice’s culture and spread it further than you would be able to reach on your own.

Key Take Aways:

  • Your employees are your best selling tool – whether you are spotlighting them or engaging with them through social media
  • Show off your practice and where prospective candidates will be working
  • Highlight news and events that showcase your practice’s mission and values