6 Traits of Highly Effective Physician Recruiters

6 Traits of Highly Effective Physician Recruiters

30Apr, 2015

6 Traits of Highly Effective Physician Recruiters

Recruiting physicians is something anyone can do, but it takes a specific kind of person to be able to do it well. Between juggling multiple responsibilities and searches, navigating multiple tools, managing disparate personalities and needing to engage and excite prospective candidates on a daily basis, physician recruiters have many demands that need to be handled with care. In order to be successful these recruiters need to have a variety of traits and skills that can enable them to adequately handle these demands. 

Below are seven traits that successful physician recruiters need to have in order to be highly effective:



1. Persistent

Any recruiter can tell you that the word “No” is one they hear on a daily basis. Recruiters reach out to hundreds of candidates every day who may or may not have an interest in their opportunities. On averages, it will take dozens of No’s before they get a single Yes, leading many aspiring recruiters to give up. Because of this, the main trait that you will find among successful recruiters is persistence. Their desire to keep reaching out to candidates despite the constant rejection is what allows them to thrive in this industry.



2. Well-Spoken

Physicians are some of the most highly educated individuals in our society, all of whom belong to distinct specialties. The individuals who recruit them need to be able to converse with them knowledgeably on a variety of topics ranging from contracts to practice specifics. For that reason, it is necessary for a successful recruiter to be well-spoken and able to converse with candidates in an informed and professional manner.



3. Outgoing

When a recruiter gets a prospective candidate on the phone, their work is just beginning. In order to turn them into an active candidate, the physician recruiter must engage the physician, find out what their (and their family’s) needs are, and get them genuinely excited about the physician. A physician recruiter with an outgoing personality will find this to be a much easier task.



4. Organized

At any given time, the average physician recruiter manages roughly twenty active searches. With all of the associated opportunity marketing, candidate generation, internal communication, and interview scheduling, a recruiter that isn’t organized will quickly find themselves drowning in a sea of demands.



5. Tech Savvy

Recruiting physicians is not the same now as it was twenty years ago. Recruiters now have access to a bevy of tools to help them manage the candidate process, source candidates, and create professional opportunity marketing campaigns. In addition to being able to use these tools, recruiters need to be savvy enough to schedule candidates via text and help set up skype interviews if necessary.



6. Creative

A successful recruiter utilizes their creativity in multiple ways. Whether it is finding new and eye catching ways to advertise their opportunities or thinking outside the box to find new ways to source candidates, a creative recruiter can make sure that they are one step ahead of the competition. 


Key Take Aways:

  • Successful recruiters need to be able to juggle multiple priorities efficiently
  • Thinking outside the box can keep you ahead of the competition
  • Being outgoing and persistent will go a long way in generating great candidates