7 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Opportunity

7 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Opportunity

21Dec, 2015

7 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Applying to Your Opportunity

You’ve gotten a job order, drafted a job description, and promptly posted it to multiple job boards. But after a couple of weeks, the only thing you’re hearing in response is crickets. What went wrong? While some recruiters may think that they just need to give the opportunity a little time to generate interest, it is important to try to identify what may be wrong early on in the physician recruitment effort so as not to waste valuable time.


After a couple of weeks, most opportunities will have generated some interest among prospective physician candidates – unless your making one of these seven mistakes:



1. You Make Your Job Descriptions All About You

The HR department might have a list of rules and regulations that must be followed when creating job descriptions for opportunities. Oftentimes, this involves creating a laundry list of requirements for the position while offering little about why anyone would interested in the first place. Take the time to make sure that a substantial portion of the job description explains why a candidate would be interested in applying and what makes your opportunity appealing.



2. You Haven’t Diversified Your Sourcing Strategy

No recruiter can afford to lose out on potential pools of candidates, which is why using only one sourcing method can have a negative effect on the amount of interest generated in your opportunity.Instead of just using job boards, utilize email marketing, direct mail, and journal advertisements as well.By diversifying your sourcing strategy and reaching out to prospective candidates through multiple channels, you increase your chances of getting your opportunity in front of candidates that would want to apply. 



3. Your Formatting Is Off

Mmost physicians today are busy, dealing with both patient care and increase administrative responsibilities in addition to their familial responsibilities. Because of this, physician candidates will likely not look twice at an opportunity that is formatted into a block of dense text. Instead, alternate short blocks of text with bullet points highlighting key points to make the job copy easily digestible.



4. You Haven’t Included Key Selling Points

Why should a candidate apply to your job? What makes your organization and this opportunity stand out from your competition? In a physician recruitment landscape where you and your competition will likely be going after the same candidates, it is crucial for recruiters to be able to point out what differentiates them from the competition and communicate it to prospective candidates. By showcasing your opportunity’s unique selling points (a great schedule, no call, a generous sign on bonus, etc) you will increase the chances that candidates will show interest in your position.



5. You Aren’t Peeking Over the Fence

In order to be able to articulate to candidates what sets your organization and opportunity apart from the competition, you first need to know what the competition is offering. Conducting thorough research on the practice specifics, compensation, and benefits offered by the competition – called peeking over the fence – can provide you with valuable information and let you know what you may need to change to make your opportunity more appealing.



6. It’s Been Around for Ages

Has your position been open for over six months? Has it been floating around the internet for ages? If that’s the case, it’s likely that candidates have seen it hanging around for that long and are begining to wonder why it hasn’t been filled. If this is the case, consider sprucing up your title, job description, and images to make it seem like a completely new position.



7. You Need to Rehabilitate Your Brand Reputation

Sometimes in the rush to recruit a physician to fill a position, candidates can fall through the cracks. Whether it is failing to follow up, a disorganized interview process, or a difficult hiring physician, a physician recruitment process that isn’t focused on creating an excellent candidate experience can negatively affect your organization’s brand reputation among potential candidates. In order to rehabilitate your brand’s reputation, it is crucial to ensure candidates going forward have an excellent candidate experience and that you recruit current employees to help spread the word about what an excellent place to work your organization offers.


 Key Take Aways:

  • Do your research! Find out what is competitive, where you’re likely to find the best candidates, and what potential candidates think about your organization
  • Make sure to re-work your job description and sourcing strategy to showcase your opportunity’s selling points to the widest audience possible
  • Make sure your job description is properly formatted and refreshed on a regular basis to keep it from looking stale