7 Reasons We Love Being Physician Recruiters

7 Reasons We Love Being Physician Recruiters

29Dec, 2015

7 Reasons We Love Being Physician Recruiters


Recruiting physicians today is often a long process filled with disappointments and frustration. With the demand for physicians greater than the supply, many recruiters have a difficult time filling their open positions – even when it’s in a desirable location with a prestigious health system. So why do physician recruiters stay in the recruitment field for decades and often their whole careers?

Even though recruiting physicians has become more difficult over time, most recruiters find that the benefits of being a physician recruiter definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Below are seven reasons why physician recruiters love what they do.



1. Deal with Win-Win Situations

In many situations, there is often a winner and a loser. But in physician recruitment, both parties are winners if it’s done right. Matching the right candidate with the right opportunity provides the candidate with the career move that they needed, and a hospital or health system with a physician that can best serve the community.



2. Engage in Meaningful Conversations

If they’ve done their due diligence and  are adequately marketing their opportunity, recruiters will spend most of their time having conversations with interested candidates. Much more than a general overview of qualifications, these conversations cover everything from a candidate’s practice preferences to learning about their families and personal histories. These conversations are about truly getting to know the physician – and assessing if they and their family would be a good fit for the community. 



3. Improve the Community

Many communities – especially those in rural areas – often find themselves without enough physicians to meet their needs. In some areas, a patient may have to travel hours just to see a physician. But when a recruiter is able to bring a physician into these communities, they help provide much needed health care services to those who need it most and improve the overall quality of life for all involved.



4. Work as a Team

Recruiting a physician to join an organization is rarely a one person job. In addition to the physician recruiter, there is also often at least one member of the administration, the hiring physician, and often other recruiters (both in-house and third-party) working together to bring on the next physician. Because of this, good team work and communication is key, and learning how to balance everyone’s responsibilities is crucial.



5. Enjoy the Thrill of the Hunt

 Searching for and finding the right candidate for a position can be exhilarating. From the moment you spot their CV to the minute you help them see how you’re position would be an excellent career move for them. 



6. Build Relationships with Candidates

 During the recruitment process, recruiters find themselves building strong relationships with the candidates they are seeking to bring on. Between learning about their motivating factors, getting to know their families, and being in constant communication with them, recruiters and their candidates can build strong relationships – even if the candidate doesn’t end up taking the job.


7. Ability to Be Creative

When you’re trying to recruit physicians in a health care recruitment landscape that makes reaching and engaging candidates incredibly difficult, recruiters need to find a way to stand out from the competition. To do this, they have to be creative. Whether it’s creating a dynamic direct mail piece, an engaging and unique subject line for an email, or a stand-out job board posting, recruiters use their creativity on a daily basis to engage with candidates.





It might not be easy, but being a physician recruiter is an immensely rewarding job. Forming strong relationships, filling a need in communities, and being able to use their full skill set are just some of the reasons physician recruiters love what they do.