7 Simple Linkedin Tips for Physician Recruiters

7 Simple Linkedin Tips for Physician Recruiters

16Feb, 2016

7 Simple Linkedin Tips for Physician Recruiters

When most recruiters begin thinking about incorporating social media in their physician recruitment strategies, the first social media platform they turn to is LinkedIn. Marketed as the social media network for work, it seems like a natural first step in using social media in physician recruitment. This is especially true when you consider that 30% of physicians indicated that it would be the social network they would most likely use in a job search.


But how can recruiters make the most out of LinkedIn and help make it a great source of candidates? Below are seven simple tips recruiters can follow to get started with LinkedIn.



1. Maintain a Robust Personal Profile and Company Page

Your Personal profile and company page are the first things prospective candidates will see when they begin researching your organization on LinkedIn. Personal profiles should be fully completed, with a profile picture that reflects your brand, a headline that clearly describes what you do, a summary with your track record, and industry relevant keywords. Company pages should include a logo, dynamic banner image, and a full description.  Both personal and company pages should be updated regularly with industry and company news, job postings, and posts emphasizing the company culture.



2. Make Use of LinkedIn Groups

Joining and posting to relevant LinkedIn groups can help you reach potential candidates you may not have otherwise been able to reach. You can post interesting articles, become involved in discussions, and be able to engage with large pools of prospective candidates.



3. Dig Deeper into Potential Candidates

The vast majority of candidates on LinkedIn are known as “actively passive job seekers,” meaning that while they’re not actively looking for a new opportunity, they would be open if the right one should arise. How complete a candidate’s profile is, what activities and groups they have listed, and how involved they are in interacting with others can tell you quite a  bit about their personality and willingness to hear about new opportunities. 



4. Utilize Company Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages offer you a great opportunity to create dedicated pages to target the content you post. Whether it’s creating a Showcase page for your job postings, creating sector specific pages for sector specific content, or a page just for your blog posts, Showcase Pages can help you target your content to readers wanting to see content specifically on the showcased subject.



5. Engage With Connections

Most people place the emphasis in LinkedIn on collecting new connections. But while having a vast network of connections can be helpful, those connections aren’t as meaningful if you don’t engage with them. Posting original content or interesting articles, commenting on their posts, and engaging in group discussions are great ways to engage with your connections and maintain strong relationships.



6. Use Advanced Search

If you have a LinkedIn business account, you’ll have access to LinkedIn’s Advanced Search, a tool that lets you search for potential candidates using much deeper criteria than you can with the basic search function. Everything from job title, company, seniority, education, and more is covered in the advanced search, allowing you to hone in on candidates that would be a good fit for your organization.



7. Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

 As important as it is to post articles and industry news to your personal and company pages, those posts won’t have nearly as much reach as something published through the LinkedIn Publishing Platform. Sharing your knowledge and getting yourself seen through the publishing platform can begin to position you as a “thought leader,” showing prospective candidates that you are at the forefront of your industry. 


As a physician recruiter, you may not know where to start when it comes to using LinkedIn for recruiting your next candidate, but you know it can be a useful source of candidates. By utilizing these seven simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a social media recruitment strategy on LinkedIn that can help jump start your physician recruitment efforts.