All About Timing: Best Times for Cold Calling Physician Candidates

All About Timing: Best Times for Cold Calling Physician Candidates

9Jul, 2015

All About Timing: Best Times for Cold Calling Physician Candidates


It’s a candidate’s world in the physician recruitment sphere. With the demand for qualified physician candidates outstripping the supply, recruiters must find ways to meet the talent needs of their organizations. To do this, many recruiters find themselves searching for  ways to reach the elusive passive candidates. In fact, finding the best candidates often depends on a recruiter’s ability to effectively source passive candidates. But finding great passive candidates takes much more than simply advertising a position.


In order for recruiters to be able to source and engage these passive candidates, it’s necessary for them to master the art of cold calling and get the physicians on the phone. But when is the best time for recruiters to cold call candidates? Below are some key points to take into consideration when deciding when is the best time for cold calling physician candidates.



Before & After Work

It’s not enough for recruiters to work the standard 9 to 5 anymore. As more physicians take on employed positions, they also often embrace these standard office hours, meaning they will be busy with patients at the times you are likely to call. The solution? Call before or after work hours. Not only are they less likely to be busy, but they are also exceedingly more likely to discuss a possible career move when they aren’t on the clock. Many top physician recruitment firms even have their recruiters reach out to candidates during off hours, reporting a higher response rate.



Take their Hours Into Consideration

While many physicians now follow standard office hours, not all do. Various factors such as specialty, seniority, leadership position, and administrative duties can all affect the days and times a physician is likely to be occupied. By calling at a time that is likely to be convenient for them, you increase your chances of getting your message through to the prospective physician candidate.



The One-Two Punch

Sometimes calling isn’t enough. A recent study has shown that a phone call followed by an email is one of the most effective processes for qualifying a prospect. By following up your voice mail with an email follow up, you help make sure that the candidate has gotten your message.



Working on the Weekends

Some of the best times to reach out to candidates are when they are likely to be engaging in downtime – such as on the weekends. These candidates, often at home relaxing, tend to be more receptive to calls from recruiters presenting possible job opportunities. With ample time and few distractions, the weekends are some of the best times to call, qualify, and screen physician candidates who may not be actively looking.


When it comes to cold calling physician candidates, it’s all about making things convenient for them. Reaching out to them when they are likely not at work and have time to discuss options, as well as following up a voice message with a quick email, can help improve your success rates.