Attracting Candidates: 3 Trends in Physician Recruitment

Attracting Candidates: 3 Trends in Physician Recruitment

6Apr, 2015

Attracting Candidates: 3 Trends in Physician Recruitment

Healthcare is changing – and physician recruitment is changing with it. Physicians today have become more connected to their colleagues and prospective employers through their devices and applications, and employing organizations have taken notice. In order to reach these physicians where they spend the majority of their time – over 85% of physicians use their mobile devices on a daily basis – healthcare organizations are changing the way they recruit physicians.


Whether it’s ramping up their social media presence, crafting a unique employer brand, or developing sites and applications specifically for mobile users, employers are adapting to the changing expectations and behaviors of prospective candidates.


Below are three big trends that major healthcare employers are utilizing to attract top candidates.


1. Employer Branding


When most people hear the term “branding,” things like a rpoducts colors or jingle come to mind. Usually aimed at consumers, many individuals to see the value to promoting an employer brand to prospective candidates. But as the competition for highly qualified physician candidates continues to increase, healthcare employers are begining to utilize everything in their arsenal to attract top talent. By creating a strong employer brand and highlighting an organization’s culture, healthcare recruiters are able to not only attract candidates that want to pursue opportunities with them for the right reasons – cultural and professional fit.


2. Social Recruiting

Many healthcare providers and organizations have recently begun to engage current and prospective patients through social media, with many boasting a robust presence on Facebook and Twitter. But just as patients can engage with healthcare brands on social media, so can potential candidates. Many healthcare employers have caught on to this and are now utilizing sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to attract candidates, with over 48% stating that they use social media often as part of their recruitment strategy.


3. Mobile Recruitment Strategy


With over 85% of physicians utilizing their mobile devices on a daily basis, it seems a natural course of action for employers to begin to flesh out mobile physician recruitment strategies. Many job seekers today search for opportunities on their phones, and even more research prospective employers from their mobile devices. Because of this, many employers are investing time and money into creating mobile optimized recruitment websites and apps in an attempt to improve the candidate experience and draw in ever more qualified candidates.


As physician habits, preferences, and priorities continue to change, healthcare employers and physician recruiters will need to continue to adapt their physician recruitment practices and strategies to attract top talent. By utilizing technology, social media, and emphasizing culture and brand, healthcare employers are able to attract a larger number of qualified candidates that will thrive in the new healthcare landscape.