Can we look Past CV’s in Physician Recruitment?

Can we look Past CV’s in Physician Recruitment?

16Apr, 2015

Can we look Past CV’s in Physician Recruitment?

What would you say if I told you a recruiter interviewed several candidates before ever glancing at their CV? For many in the  recruitment field, this is something completely unheard of, but it’s exactly what Pfizer did recently. Afraid that they were missing out on high quality candidates due to assumptions based on their CV’s, Pfizer threw out the traditional process of posting a detailed job description and using CV’s to weed out poor matches. The result? Pfizer employees were able to identify high quality talent (ranging from completely inexperienced to highly educated veterans) to join their team. 


But can we look past CV’s in physician recruitment?

Many times existing physicians and physician recruiters go into a recruiting assignment with a set idea of what the ideal candidate’s training and background should look like. While creating this ideal candidate profile is crucial for creating a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy, having a candidate profile that is too narrow or specific can cause you to miss out on an otherwise fantastic candidate. For the recruiter, ideal candidate should always be the goal, but it is also key for physician recruiters to reevaluate the candidate profile at various stages of the physician recruitment process.  



When to Revisit the Ideal Candidate Profile

If a significant amount of time has passed and no physician matching the ideal candidate profile has surfaced, it may be time to widen or narrow the parameters. Depending on the difficulty of the search and the current market for the ideal candidate in your area, certain areas for compromise need to be identified and the truly important factors that would make a candidate a good fit for an opportunity need to be highlighted.  Once these key factors are identified, recruiters need to learn to look past the CV’s of prospective candidates and instead find ways to screen them for cultural fit and indicators of future performance.



Screening for Fit & Quality Indicators

What are the personality traits that allow your top performers to excel? Physician recruiters need to be able to identify these traits in top quality employees and seek them out in future hires. Through the use of behavioral interviewing, screening for emotional intelligence, and the consideration of patient satisfaction scores, recruiters can gain a fuller picture of what a candidate stands for as a physician and how they will integrate into their healthcare delivery team.



Key Take Aways:

  • Having narrow candidate specifications can cause employers to lose out on quality candidates
  • Education and training don’t always indicate quality care and cultural fit
  • Screening candidates for cultural fit and performance indicators can help recruiters identify great candidates who may have gone unnoticed