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6 Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make in Job Board Postings

28Sep, 2017

6 Mistakes Physician Recruiters Make in Job Board Postings


One of the most popular candidate sourcing tools physician recruiters use are online job boards. With most active candidates taking their search online, job boards offer increased exposure for a recruiter’s open positions. Unfortunately, the competition for talent searching for opportunities online is fierce, and it’s easy for your position to get lost in the hundreds of opportunities on any given job board.

7Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Jumpstarting Fall Physician Recruitment Efforts



The fall is a busy time for physician recruiters. With many healthcare organizations finalizing their budgets for the following year and even more physicians seeking out new opportunities, fall physician recruitment efforts can make or break a healthcare organization’s ability to meet their recruitment goals.


28Jul, 2017

6 Tips for Using SEO Tactics to Boost Physician Recruitment


Whether they’re using Google, Bing, or another search engine, physicians have come to rely on search engine results to find their next opportunity. Because of this, physician recruiters are discovering the need to improve their career pages’ and job posting’s SEO, increasing their chances of getting their position in front of prospective candidates. 


21Jul, 2017

Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment



Job boards are a part of nearly every physician recruiter’s candidate sourcing strategy. Whether they’re the major boards like Careerbuilder, healthcare boards like HealtheCareers, or niche boards for certain specialties, recruiters will use them in some capacity for most searches. But is there a way to make job postings more effective?


12Jul, 2017

5 Tips for Recruiting Passive Physician Candidates



When it comes to sourcing physician candidates, most recruiters will agree on one thing: it’s not getting any easier. With the number of available physicians not keeping pace with the increased need for providers, physician recruiters are finding themselves competing for the same limited pool of active candidates. So what is a recruiter to do? Find a way to source and recruit the passive candidates that other organizations aren’t targeting.


19May, 2017

The Single Biggest Mistake In-House Physician Recruiters Make



An in-house physician recruiter’s job is never done. Whether it’s responding to applicants, conducting site visits, coordinating interviews, or planning travel, the vast majority of physician recruiters at healthcare organizations often find themselves overwhelmed. With so much to do and with so few resources available, many recruiters – especially those in rural areas or in organizations with a large volume of needs – commit the biggest physician recruitment mistake.


25Apr, 2017

5 Things to Look for When Hiring Graduating Physician Candidates



While a recent HealtheCareers report showed that the majority of healthcare organizations are targeting experienced physicians when looking to recruit new team members,  graduating physician candidates still play a significant role in most physician recruiters’ overall physician recruitment strategy. Nearly half of organizations are targeting recent graduates for at least some positions in order to create the best team of providers possible. But when it comes to recruiting graduating physicians, some recruiters aren’t sure what to look for in a candidate other than good training. […]

18Apr, 2017

Texting Physician Candidates: The When, Why, and How


The average physician candidate receives dozens of emails and voicemails from physician recruiters on a daily basis, especially those in high-demand specialties. Because of this, recruiters are often looking for new ways to reach candidates and cut through the noise caused by the competition. One way to increase the chances of a prospective physician candidate seeing your messages is by utilizing text messages (also known as SMS messages).



29Mar, 2017

3 Physician Recruitment Trade-Off’s You’ll Encounter Every Time


Whenever you find yourself needing to hire a new physician, you’ll often feel a combination of excitement at the prospect of bringing on a new team member paired with the dread of knowing that it won’t be easy. With the physician shortage in full swing, even highly desirable employers in popular locations are finding it difficult to find that elusive “perfect candidate.” Because of constraints that nearly every recruitment effort needs to deal with, you’ll likely find that there are some things you will need to sacrifice during a physician recruitment effort to source and hire the right candidate. […]

22Mar, 2017

5 Reasons Physician Candidates Aren’t Responding to Your Cold Emails



Email is one of the most popular ways for physician recruiters to communicate with prospective candidates. Most candidates prefer hearing about opportunities through what they find in their inbox, and some strictly communicate with recruiters using email. But with physician recruitment emails becoming so popular among both recruiters and candidates, organizations are finding it harder to get the attention of prospective candidates. With so many options, these physicians will often fail to respond to a recruitment email, if they even open your email at all. […]