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The Six Expenses to Plan For in Your Physician Job Search

25Jul, 2017

The Six Expenses to Plan For in Your Physician Job Search

If you’re getting ready to start your physician job search, you’re probably concerned more with finding the right position than what doing so might cost. Believe it or not, applying, interviewing, and accepting a new position can be quite expensive, especially for physicians. Because of this, it’s important for physician job seekers to budget for all the likely and possible expenses that can crop up during their job search.

13Jul, 2017

6 Things to Look for in a Travel Nursing Agency

In travel nursing, one of the biggest factors that affects your job satisfaction is the quality of the staffing agency you utilize. Some agencies will make your work as a traveler more difficult than it needs to be, while others can make even the worst assignment seem like a dream. But if you’re just starting out as a travel nurse, chances are you don’t know quite what to look for in an agency. […]

30May, 2017

Joining an Independent Practice Association: 5 Things to Know


As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, physicians are branching out into new practice models that fit their unique needs and preferences. One of the practice models growing in popularity is the Independent Practice Association, or IPA. So what is an IPA, and how does it differ from other established practice models? […]

12May, 2017

In-Person Interview Tips for Physicians, Nurses, and PAs

If the phone interview and/or skype interview went well, then it’s time for the next step in your healthcare job search: the site visit. Are you ready to ace your in-person interviews? Yes, this is a chance for you to check out the practice and make sure you’re going to like working here, but don’t forget: the administrative team is also trying to make sure they want to work with you.

3May, 2017

How To Assess Cultural Fit in Your Healthcare Job Search


“Cultural fit” seems to be a buzzword in our current climate when organizations talk about finding the right candidate for the position. While it seems like the health care organizations are the only ones who should be concerned with cultural fit, healthcare providers should be as well. Finding the right position means more than just finding one offering the right compensation package – you also need to find the place you can see yourself being happy for the long term.

16Mar, 2017

Answering the Tough Questions in your Healthcare Job Search

Whether it’s due to relocation, family leave, or downsizing, many physicians and other healthcare providers will find themselves with gaps somewhere in their employment history. When starting a new healthcare job search, these gaps are sure to come up during the interview process. So how are candidates supposed to explain their gaps in order to not ruin their chances at the position? Below are some examples of how to explain various types of gaps in permanent employment and how to best frame them in order to not derail your job search.