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Travel Nurses: Everything You Need to Know (Skills, Interview Tips, Employment Assistance, and More!) 

11May, 2021

Travel Nurses: Everything You Need to Know (Skills, Interview Tips, Employment Assistance, and More!) 

The aging population combined with the ramifications from COVID-19 have caused travel nurses to be in increasingly high demand. Healthcare facilities of all varieties are facing a nurse staffing shortage and are relying on travel nurses to fill the gap.

Let’s find out how Ascendo Resources can help travel nurses prepare, work, and persevere.
Why Travel Nurses Are So […]

21Feb, 2017

4 Things to Know About Recruiting Foreign Medical Graduates [infographic]


7Oct, 2015

6 Things to Include in a Community Profile for Physician Recruitment [infographic]


In today’s physician recruitment market, “quality of life” reigns supreme. Many young physicians find themselves more interested in the community a practice is situated in than the practice itself. New generations of physicians are seeking opportunities that emphasize a healthy work-life balance – and they want to make sure the community they will call home will have plenty for them to do.


30Mar, 2015

Effects of Generational Differences on Physician Productivity[infographic]

When creating physician manpower plans, it is important for hospitals and health systems to look at not only how many physical providers are needed, but also the productivity needed from those providers. At a time when many physicians are emphasizing work-life balance and flexible schedules, physician recruiters are left wondering how these shifts will affect their physician recruitment needs.


11Dec, 2014

Drafting a Physician Contract? 4 Things to Get Right to Close the Deal

The site visits are completed, the verdict is in, and your practice is ready to make a formal offer to an outstanding physician candidate who you believe will be the perfect addition to your team. While the feelings of both parties might make this hire seem like a sure thing, the deal is far from done. At this point, it is up to the employer to sell the prospective candidate on how and  why practicing as part of their team will be beneficial – and the physician contract is one way to show them. “A contract is a sales document” says Roger Bonds of the American Academy of Medical Management. It is in the employer’s best interest to get the following sections right to make sure that they not only seal the deal with a prospective physician candidate, but also increase the likelihood that they will stay on long term. […]

8Dec, 2014

Direct Mail Isn’t Dead: 4 Direct Mail Myths in Physician Recruitment

In physician recruitment, it is well documented that less than a quarter of possible candidates are actively or aggresively seeking new employment, leaving over 75% of candidates who aren’t actively scanning job boards or journal ads for new opportunities. With that knowledge, the question of how to reach these candidates has persisted. For years, the answers have ranged from referrals to direct mail, but the aggresive use of of both as part of a recruitment marketing strategy has significantly declined over the years.



24Nov, 2014

6 Useful Resources for Physician Recruiters from Around the Web

 For a Physician Recruiter, the more information and resources available to you, the better. Whether it’s deciding what a competitive offer is for your region, finding candidates that fit specific demographic criteria, or judging how busy a new physician will likely be in a given market, the information and resources a recruiter has available to him/her can greatly affect the success of a physician recruitment effort. 

Below are 6 useful resources (both free and paid) for physician recruiters for around the web.


17Oct, 2014

Placement: Internal Medicine Physician


MDR HealthCare Search has recently placed a Primary Care physician in the Mid-Atlantic!

16Oct, 2014

The Importance of Timing in the Physician Recruitment Process

An effective physician recruitment effort owes quite a bit of its success to timing. Finding the right candidate when they’re ready to begin looking for their next opportunity, or having a need become apparent during a peak recruitment season, can both be helpful in filling an opening with the right candidate at the right time.
With the vast majority of physicians completing their training on set schedules and then going on to sign employment contracts in set intervals (generally 12, 24, or 36 months), there are times throughout the year where there seem to be a plethora of candidates and others where there are very few. In addition to quantity, the time of year can greatly affect the type of candidate that you will likely have access to, including things such as experience level, availability, and a host of other factors.

13Oct, 2014

Top 5 Warning Signs Your Candidate Site Visit is Just a Free Trip

So you are recruiting physicians and other health care providers for a very popular location. Congratulations – you are in the enviable position of having a large pool of candidates who would prefer to practice where your opportunities are located. But this large natural market has a downside: sometimes, candidates will come out for a site visit and allow you to woo them when they have no intention of joining your hospital or group practice.