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5 Tips for Physicians Pursuing Financial Health

13Sep, 2017

5 Tips for Physicians Pursuing Financial Health

Whether you’re just completing your training or you have a few years of practice under your belt, it’s important for all physicians to take steps towards securing their financial future. Even though physicians make significantly higher salaries than the majority of Americans, a physician’s financial health can face unique challenges, ranging from crushing student loan debt to complex employment contracts.

2Aug, 2017

6 Steps to Passing Reference Checks in Your Physician Job Search


If you’re in the middle of your physician job search, it is essentially guaranteed that any organization seeking to bring you on board will request three to five references before extending an offer. While it may not seem like it, how you handle these reference requests can make the difference between being offered your ideal position or not getting a position at all.


13Jun, 2017

6 Things Graduating Physicians Need to Do When Starting Their Job Search

If you’re a graduating physician entering your final years of training, the time is here for you to switch into physician job search mode. In order to get the best position available, many graduating physicians start their job search a year before completing training and will make a decision before the end of their final year. But between training, studying for board exams, and conducting a thorough job search, these final years of residency or fellowship can be overwhelming, causing some candidates to forget to do some of the things that will make their job search easier.

6Jun, 2017

4 Things Physicians Should Know Before Joining a Concierge Medicine Practice

With declining insurance reimbursements, increased paperwork, and an overwhelming number of rules associated with being part of an ACO, many physicians – especially those in primary care – are considering the switch over to concierge medicine, also known as direct care. This model of practice has become increasingly appealing to physicians throughout the country, with a 30% annual increase in the number of physicians practicing direct care.

7Mar, 2017

Top Tips for Writing Your Physician CV


The Curriculum Vitae, or the Physician CV as it is more commonly known, is the culmination of a lifetime of hard work and dedication. It represents all your knowledge, accomplishments, and experience, and when written well your CV can mean the difference between landing the position of your dreams and being stuck somewhere for longer than you planned. Whether you’re a new graduate or a seasoned physician, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when drafting or updating your CV. Below we have provided the top tips of the trade for making sure your physician CV stands out amongst the crowd. […]