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The Importance of Online Reviews in Physician Recruitment

2May, 2017

The Importance of Online Reviews in Physician Recruitment



In our current society, online reviews and ratings play a huge role in what we watch, where we eat, and what hotels we stay in on vacation. But we don’t just use online reviews for the social aspects of our lives, we use them in our professional lives as well. This is especially true when it comes to a candidate’s job search. With so many organizations looking to recruit top quality physicians, the best physician candidates have plenty of options to choose from when picking their next opportunity.


2Nov, 2016

Physician Recruitment Marketing: 7 Things You Need to Know



Recruiting a qualified physician requires more than just placing a generic job posting on a job board. With so many options for physicians to choose from on their job search, it has been left up to the physician recruiters to find a way to make their opportunities stand out from the crowd. In order to do this, many recruiters have begun to think like marketers and employ several traditional marketing tactics and tools in their hunt for prospective candidates. […]

19Oct, 2016

6 Mistakes You’re Making in Physician Recruitment Job Descriptions [infographic]



One of the most important aspects of your physician recruitment effort is the job description. Used in classifieds, job boards, email blasts, and journal advertisements, the job description is the first thing prospective candidates will see. What the job description says (or sometimes doesn’t say) can either cause the physician to express their interest or move on to the next posting.


18Aug, 2016

Offline Marketing Strategies that Help Strengthen your Online Brand

Offline Marketing Strategies that Help Strengthen your Online Brand

Would it surprise you to know that your offline marketing efforts are every bit as important as your online efforts when it comes to supporting your online brand? If you implement an effective offline strategy, you can increase your web traffic tenfold in a very short time. […]

22Jun, 2016

Physician Recruitment Emails: Avoiding the Spam Folder [Infographic]


Physician recruiters are always on the hunt for ways to get their opportunities in front of prospective candidates. Now, one of the most popular ways to do this is through physician recruitment email campaigns. But while sending out emails to candidates can be a great way to generate interest, they won’t do much good if they end up in candidate’s spam folders. So how are physician recruiters supposed to avoid this unfortunate outcome?


1Jun, 2016

4 Things Physician Recruiters Should Put in Job Descriptions-But Don’t


As the key to attracting to physician candidates, good job descriptions are a requirement for any recruiter looking to fill a need. When done correctly, a good job description can draw the potential candidate in, target your ideal candidate, and sell  your organization’s brand. As such a versatile piece of content, it would make sense that physician recruiters would make sure to get them right. But all too often, recruiters will fail to put in information that could pull their ideal candidate off the fence and onto their team.


11Nov, 2015

9 Ways to Optimize Your Physician Recruitment Job Posting for SEO


While job boards and online postings should never be a recruiter’s sole source of candidates, they remain a key part of a comprehensive physician recruitment strategy. But whether internal or external, job postings aren’t effective if your ideal physician candidate can’t find them. So how is a recruiter to ensure that prospective candidates will find their jobs while searching online?


19Aug, 2015

The Role of Community Marketing in Physician Recruitment


When recruiting a physician to join a practice, the community the opportunity is located in is almost as important as the opportunity itself. With so many high quality opportunities for physicians to choose from in this candidate driven market, what a community has to offer can often make or break a physician recruitment effort.


29Jul, 2015

How to Create Effective Physician Recruitment Emails in 5 Easy Steps


Physician recruitment emails are part of many physician recruiter’s comprehensive sourcing strategy. In their efforts to get their opportunity in front of as many candidates as possible, more and more recruiters are turning to email to reach the ever elusive passive candidates.


29Jun, 2015

Best Practices for Creating Physician Recruitment Emails [infographic]

Today, suceeding in physician recruitment requires recruiters to create and execute a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy – a strategy in which email plays a vital role.
With nearly all adults in the U.S. possessing and utilizing email (with over 58% of individuals checking their email first thing in the morning ), utilizing email as part of your overall physician recruitment strategy is no longer an option. But with most prospective candidates dealing with overloaded inboxes, the question of how to stand out from the crowd remains.