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6 Skype Interview Tips for Physician Candidates

30Mar, 2017

6 Skype Interview Tips for Physician Candidates

As health care organizations try to decrease their recruiting costs, more are turning to skype interviews to help them screen out candidates before inviting them in for a site visit. Now, how well you do on your skype interview can mean the difference between moving forward with the interview process or having to start over from square one.  […]

11Aug, 2014

5 Best Reasons to Conduct a Skype Interview with a Physician Candidate

New advances in technology have helped the delivery of healthcare grow by leaps and bounds. While many physcians and healthcare administrators have embraced new technologies that enable providers to deliver care more effectively, many have not yet embraced these new tools in the recruitment sphere.


One of the best tools at the disposal of practice administrators and physican recruiters during the interview process is the Skype interview. These interviews are effective, efficient, and informative for both candidates and employers for the following reasons: