How Employers Are Using Ascendo Resources to Find Employees

How Employers Are Using Ascendo Resources to Find Employees

20Apr, 2016

How Employers Are Using Ascendo Resources to Find Employees

One of the most difficult tasks that any employer has is that of finding and hiring the right employees. The difficult part comes in narrowing down to the person who is not only going to be a good fit but to find that person who is going to actually take ownership of their position.

This is why Ascendo Resources is the hiring firm who will find candidates that not only fit your specifications, but also those intangibles that make a good employee great will emerge.

Ascendo Resources is not your average employment company, as signified by their experience and standing in the industry. Not only have many of their professionals worked in the industries they support, but they are also an Inc. 500 fastest growing company as evidenced by their 3-year growth rate of over 1,090%.

Ascendo will thoroughly know your objectives as the employer and where to find the types of employees that you are looking for. They are a certified Minority Business, and they conduct business in the languages of English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Specializing in the fields of accounting, finance, banking, compliance, healthcare, IT, HR & administrative, Ascendo is able to find the top candidates in each of these fields for you.

A big advantage that Ascendo brings to the table for the employer is that the professionals who work for Ascendo are former employees in corporate America, and the goal is to do the right thing for both the hiring employer and the potential employee. The pairing of candidates with the hiring company is very carefully done so that all agree as to fit and the capabilities of the candidate.

Ascendo feels that the success of any venture in business must be based upon a good relationship, without which the fabric will eventually break down and lose its viability. A big part of that relationship is based upon a candidate’s understanding of the employer’s overall objectives, and how the position being applied for fits into to the overall scheme of things.

Companies are looking for employees who can come on board and get the job done. Competency in their field is only one part of what is being looked for. In addition, the ability to foresee needs and take responsibility for those items is a major factor as well.

Employers are gratified that with Ascendo, they can work with one Ascendo professional whether they are looking for and employee for direct hire, or they are looking for a temporary need.

Companies don’t have the time to be making mistakes in the hiring of the wrong people, and that is why the screening and background investigation procedures of Ascendo are so thorough. A detailed analysis of what an employer is looking for is completed, and qualified candidates are measured against that standard.

The results speak for themselves, as the reviews from employers are resounding with praise, and the phenomenal growth of Ascendo continues. For that candidate that needs to fit a specific niche, Ascendo Resources are the people to call.