How To Position Your Opportunity for Physician Recruitment Success

How To Position Your Opportunity for Physician Recruitment Success

8Oct, 2015

How To Position Your Opportunity for Physician Recruitment Success

When trying to fill a physician need, many recruiters fall back on posting generic job descriptions on job boards and journals, without any consideration to the best way to market the opportunity. By using this post and pray method, physician recruiters fail to expose the right candidates to their opportunities. Even if the right candidate sees their opportunity, the generic job description often fails to move the candidate to act.


Instead of generically advertising an opportunity, recruiters should instead utilize a high-level strategy commonly used in marketing called positioning as part of the physician recruitment strategies. When done right, this can present your opportunity in the best light to your specific target audience  and help it stand out from the competition.


But how do you properly position a physician job opportunity? Below are 5 easy steps that will help you position your opportunity for physician recruitment success.



Step 1: Identify Your Audience

Do you know what your ideal candidate looks like? Do you know their needs and wants? Knowing the candidate profile of who you’re looking for and what their must-haves in an opportunity and community are can provide you with a wealth of invaluable information. Take the time to create a complete profile of your opportunity and your ideal candidate, ranging from what type of practice they’re looking for to what they enjoy doing in their free time. 


Step 2: Do Your Background Research

Conducting thorough background research is one of the most important things you can do when looking to position your opportunity competitively. When conducting research, make sure to focus both on the ideal candidates as well as your main competition.


On candidates: Where does your ideal candidate hang out? What journals do they read? Do they frequent certain websites? Knowing where to find your candidates is half the battle. By being able to identify where they congregate and are likely to look for jobs, you increase the likelihood of them seeing and applying for your opportunity.


On the competition: “Know thy enemy.” Finding out what your competition is doing, how they’re framing their opportunities, and where they’re posting their jobs can give you excellent insight into how to position your own opportunity. 


Step 3: Identify Selling Points

What differentiates your opportunity from the one with the hospital down the street? What does your community have to offer that is unique? These are the questions you need to be able to answer if you are going to identify your opportunity’s unique selling points and value proposition. Whether it’s excellent work-life balance, an amazing community filled with culture and activities, or the opportunity to work with the best in the field, every position has unique points that will appeal to certain candidates.


Step 4: Select the Appropriate Venues

If you’ve done your background research correctly, you should have a list of venues where you know that your ideal candidate and/or the competition congregate. Once armed with this information, you can move forward and create a comprehensive candidate sourcing strategy. Make sure to select multiple channels on which to share your opportunity with potential candidates and give your competition a run for their money.


Step 5: Craft Your Message

Now that you know what your selling points are, who you are selling to, and where you’ll be marketing your opportunity, it’s time to create your job description. Make sure to create multiple versions optimized for the format they will be advertised in (job board postings can be longer while journal ads and direct mail pieces can often be shorter).If you’ve followed all of the proceeding steps, you should have everything you need to create a compelling job description that will move candidates to apply.



With so much competition for limited talent in the physician recruitment sphere, it is important for physician recruiters to use every tool in their arsenal to get a leg up on the competition. By effectively positioning your opportunity, you will greatly increase your chances of recruitment success.