Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment

Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment

21Jul, 2017

Job Boards:Tips on Timing,SEO & Google Jobs for Physician Recruitment



Job boards are a part of nearly every physician recruiter’s candidate sourcing strategy. Whether they’re the major boards like Careerbuilder, healthcare boards like HealtheCareers, or niche boards for certain specialties, recruiters will use them in some capacity for most searches. But is there a way to make job postings more effective?

By focusing on timing, SEO, and getting noticed by the new Google Jobs, recruiters can get their postings seen by more candidates and increase their chances of being seen by the right job seeker. 


All About Timing

Like with most aspects of physician recruitment, timing is critically important in terms of job postings. Whether it’s posting at the right time of year for candidates at certain career levels, or the right time of the week for maximum exposure, when you post a job board can greatly affect the quality and quantity of candidates you hire.


Recruiting with the Seasons



The physician recruitment cycle is a real phenomenon – every year recruiters experience the changes in candidate volume from season to season. Generally speaking, graduating physicians and those on annual contracts tend to become active in their searches in the late spring and summer (with off-cycle physicians active around the holidays), while practicing physicians are more likely to begin looking for a new opportunity in the fall and winter. Depending on the experience level you’re recruiting for, when you post your recruitment ad can greatly influence if you’re going to be getting interest from the right candidates.


Peak Job Search Days


Believe it or not, the day of the week you post your physician recruitment ad matters. This is especially true in bigger markets, where your organization’s posting for a primary care physician is likely to get buried under those for other organizations pretty quickly. Want to increase your chances of getting your position in front of as many physicians as possible? According to indeed, you may want to consider posting on Sundays or weekday evenings. Their recent study showed that highly educated and actively practicing candidates tend to search for new positions in the evenings, especially on Sunday evenings.



SEO & Google’s Disruption

Optimizing your physician job postings for search engines is something recruiter’s know they should do, but don’t always follow through on. Now, with the introduction of Google Jobs, SEO is playing an even bigger role in whether or not your opportunities will be seen by prospective candidates.


Google Jobs – What You Need to Know


Earlier this summer, google rocked the recruitment world when they announced their new search feature: Google Jobs. Now, when a physician or other healthcare provider

searches for positions in google, their results will show a listing within the search results of job postings from around the web.


So what do physician recruiters need to do going forward? Because Google is scraping the existing major job boards (indeed is a notable exception), positions posted to those sites have a greater likelihood of showing up in the top search suggestions. Recruiters should ensure that the job boards they post to are being scraped by google, and any that heavily rely on Indeed should expand their



Optimizing for SEO


Whether or not you’re posting to sites that are scraped by google, it’s important to optimize your internal postings and job descriptions for SEO. When optimizing for search, make sure to:


  • Research common keywords that prospective physician job seekers would use.
  • Insert the selected keywords and similar alternatives organically within your job description.
  • Make sure to include the keywords in the page’s URL if possible, as well as in it’s meta description



Key Take Aways:

  • The day of the week and time of the year you post to job boards can affect the type, quality, and quantity of candidates that will view and apply to any of your physician job postings.
  • With Google’s entrance into the recruitment world, making sure your job board postings are being scraped by the site and included in the Google Jobs listings can increase the exposure your job ads receive.
  • Whether you’re posting to job boards being scraped by google or not, it is important to optimize your job descriptions for SEO (especially on your careers site) to increase it’s chances of showing up in search results.