Local Physician Candidates:3 Reasons They Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs

Local Physician Candidates:3 Reasons They Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs

12Feb, 2015

Local Physician Candidates:3 Reasons They Aren’t Applying to Your Jobs

For many physician recruiters, the ideal candidate is often one that is right in there backyard, quietly working for the competition and being a generally fantastic healthcare provider. But oftentimes this is exactly the type of candidate that doesn’t respond to a physician recruiter’s advertisements, emails, and/or calls. While it may be that the physician isn’t responding because they are truly happy in their current position, many times it is another reason holding them back. 


Below are three of the main reasons why local physician candidates often don’t respond to in-house recruiters advertisements – and how to get around any objections.


1. Their Search is Highly Confidential

For many local candidates considering opportunities, the confidentiality of their search is paramount. Should their current employer become aware of their search, they could suffer severe reprimands or even lose their current jobs. Because many medical communities are very tightly knit, it is likely that a local candidate and their current colleagues are familiar with other physicians in your group. This can cause some concern among these local candidates who may feel that word may get back to their current employer. 


Many organizations have found that working with a qualified third part recruitment firm can actually assist them in recruiting these local candidates. By informing the third party recruiter of the delicate nature of their search, they can inquire about local opportunities without fear of being found out by their current employer.


2. They Are a Passive Candidate

Sourcing passive physician candidates has always been one of the more difficult tasks a physician recruiter has to tackle during a search. Many local candidates who are happy where they currently are don’t upload their CV, surf job boards, or utilize any of the traditional job seeking methods. Because of this, many of these candidates will continue along completely unaware that your organization even has an opening.


In order to reach these highly desireable passive physician candidates, it is crucial for recruiters to utilize a comprehensive sourcing strategy for each recruiting assignment. By utilizing such methods as email, direct mail, and referral programs, physician recruiters can ensure that passive candidates are aware of any and all positions with their organization.


3. They Are Aware of Your Organization –  And They Aren’t Interested

Managing your organization’s reputation is about more than just attracting patients. Ensuring that your organization has an excellent reputation among physicians and potential candidates is crucial to attracting top talent. Because of this, it is important for physician recruiters to make sure that every candidate has an excellent experience throughout the process, even if they do not end up joining the organization. Timely follow up, open lines of communication, and a straightforward recruitment process all help create an excellent physician candidate experience and ensure that your organization maintains a good reputation among potential candidates.


While local candidates can be some of the most attractive candidates to physician recruiters, they can also be the most difficult to successfully source and recruit. But by utilizing all of the tools at their disposal, implementing a comprehensive sourcing strategy, and maintaining an excellent reputation among potential candidates, recruiters can successfully find and bring on local candidates to strengthen their organizations.