Manpower Planning: A Tool in Your Physician Recruitment Arsenal

Manpower Planning: A Tool in Your Physician Recruitment Arsenal

6Nov, 2014

Manpower Planning: A Tool in Your Physician Recruitment Arsenal

In physician recruitment, time is usually a precious resource. Hiring physicians for a new practice set to open on a specific date, or to replace a departing physician places additional stress on the recruitment process and can result in hiring a provider that may not be a perfect fit.  But when given enough time, physician recruiters can make sure that new hires are extensively vetted and fully aligned with an organization’s mission and values. This is  why manpower planning for the long term is so important for physician recruitment. By being able to forecast when your organization will need physicians, a recruiter can begin to source candidates and develop relationships years ahead of the projected need. 


Here are the main ways a comprehensive physician manpower plan can enhance a physician recruiter’s ability to source and hire the right candidate:


Social Media Sourcing

The vast majority of physician recruiters utilize social media during the recruitment process as a way to contact candidates and post their opportunities. While this can be very useful in identifying active job seekers, it does not take full advantage of the opportunities social media offers in terms of physician recruitment. When a recruiter knows that they will likely need four primary care physicians in 3 years time, they can utilize social media to connect with, engage, and establish meaningful dialogue with potential candidates. These physicians could be locked into 3 year contracts, half way through a training program, or otherwise not looking to relocate for several years. But by establishing the lines of communication and engaging in conversations regarding the values of your organization in relation to their values as a physician, an organization can position itself as a candidate’s top choice before the candidate has even begun to actively search for a new opportunity.



Training Program Relationships

With the demand for physicians rapidly outpacing demand, many residents are beginning to look for opportunities sooner than ever before. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important for recruiters to establish relationships with training programs, and even begin establishing rapport with promising residents. By creating an effective manpower plan, physician recruiters can judge which specialties they are likely to need in the future, and develop relationships with those in training early on.



Candidate Relationship Building

Oftentimes, a candidate that seems like the right fit for an immediate opening, but due to extenuating circumstances end up not taking the opportunity. Many times, recruiters do not follow up with these candidates in the future. In instances where physicians of this specialty are designated as anticipated future needs in a physician manpower plan, the physician recruiter can make sure to maintain open lines of communication with these candidates. By doing this, they can ensure that these excellent candidates who may become available and willing to change opportunities  in the future can be a recruiter’s first call when additional needs arise. This relationship building with candidates who may not initially take an opportunity with your organization can result in placements down the line.


By crafting a detailed, long term manpower plan and utilizing it as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy, healthcare organizations can put their physician recruiters in a position to meet and exceed recruitment goals in the long term, not only in the number of candidates placed, but also in the quality of candidates.