Recruiting Trends to Watch for in the New Year

Recruiting Trends to Watch for in the New Year

18Jan, 2022

Recruiting Trends to Watch for in the New Year

As the New Year begins, recruiting trends are changing. For candidates looking to apply to a new position, as well as recruiters and employers who want to hire and onboard top talent, understanding what recruiting trends to watch for is key in accomplishing this year’s goals.

Individuals continue to face record unemployment, while employers across a multitude of industries have had to adjust and step up their recruiting process, both of which resulted from the global pandemic. The Great Resignation also continues to surprise employers as turnover rates increase. According to a Labor Department report, approximately 4.5 million workers left their jobs in November. 

But no need to worry Ascendo Resources is here to share helpful tips to help you navigate the changes in recruiting trends for 2022.

Returning to Normal?

Hiring Process in 2021 - Recruiting Trends

The truth is business will likely never return to what was formerly “workplace normal.” Remote work has become the new normal as organizations reduce their onsite footprint and keep work from home as a permanent change.

For employers, the change decreases overhead and keeps employees healthy, but also allows for greater access to available talent from around the country and around the world. For job seekers, remote work also offers benefits, including greater opportunity as well as flexible work schedules.

The shift to remote work opportunities means a similar shift in sourcing, as recruiters turn to new tools and communities to spread the word regarding open positions and seek top talent to fill those jobs. Recruiter pitches have changed from the promise of a great office or commuter allowances to home office, wellness, and childcare benefits.

Company culture is still in play now more than ever, but with less face-to-face interviews and introductions, candidates must focus on rapport-building, even if it is in a less organic way. The same is true for diversity and inclusion, which should be honest and well represented in company culture, public presence, and hiring processes.

Recruiting Trends for the New Year and Beyond

Recruiting Trends - Streamline Application Process

With a focus on finding the ideal candidate—one who is well-qualified, aligned with company culture, and equipped to help the company achieve its overall mission—these recruiting trends and tips can help companies and candidates find the perfect match.

Candidate-Driven Market

For the first time in decades, there are more open jobs than candidates, so applicants have more power than ever. With more options available, candidates can leverage more on benefits and salary.

Recruiters and talent acquisition (TA) professionals must work harder to stand out and attract the best candidates; traditional tried and tested tactics are no longer enough to bring in top talent.

In 2022, we expect to see more creative recruitment strategies, including imaginative employer brand communications, data-driven recruitment marketing, and sourcing tactics.

Imaginative Employer Brand Communications and EVPs

2022 Job Application Tips for Recruiters

Employers should expect to see fewer applications in 2022 and candidates who are more selective about which jobs they apply for. Candidates are more likely to wait for a job they really want, a company that excites them, and a culture that suits their work ethic.

As a result, employers must make their workplace desirable and promote what makes them unique. Perfect their employer brand and streamline the candidate experience.

Employers need to make it easy to apply to open positions, so every candidate completes the entire application, giving them all the information they need to move forward with the most qualified individuals.

Data-Driven Recruiting

Data-driven recruiting and TA strategies include using real-time analytics and insights to help in both the short and long term. Some analytics to focus on include:

  • Cost and quality of new hires
  • Pipeline growth metrics
  • Candidate feedback scores
  • Offer and acceptance rates (by department, team, and location)

Automated Nurturing

Manually emailing prospects is dated, unstainable, and ineffectual as well as being time and labor-intensive. Instead, automated nurturing will ensure you provide a personalized touch with candidate outreach while eliminating the inefficiencies and needless complexity of manual communication.

Balancing persistence and creativity, automated nurture programs are tested and optimized regularly to ensure each campaign improves on the previous one.

Redesign Your Recruiting Ads and Focus Your Efforts

LinkedIn Recruiting Ads Tips 2022

Redesigning your recruitment advertising efforts and focusing on niche sites (LinkedIn groups and professional associations) can help you get a better pool of top candidates who are well-qualified and ready to assume the challenges of the position. Your efforts should accurately describe the job and its goals, to attract the best candidates.

Look Beyond the Resumes

While resumes can showcase qualifications, experience, and accomplishments, they should not be the only gauge used to determine the most qualified candidates. The latest skills tests allow you to create your own custom test to easily identify the candidates most suited to your business. At Ascendo Resources, we use an extensive and thorough screening process for each candidate.

Focus on Retention and Internal Mobility

In a candidate-driven market like this, your current employees have more options available than ever before, making retention a top priority going into 2022. With remote and hybrid working becoming more popular, a strong company culture will be more about ensuring all employees—regardless of their location—are set up to succeed, understand the value of their work, and feel seen and heard by managers and colleagues.

Companies with strong values and a plan to keep employees engaged will win in a competitive market where it is more difficult to hire top talent from external sources.

Additionally, in a highly competitive job market, C-suites understand the importance of creating clear career paths that encourage employees to stick around by offering re- and up-skilling, conducting in-house training, offering stipends for certifications, and providing plenty of opportunities for employees to enhance their ability to move up within the company.

Do Not Forget About Impressive Previous Candidates and Passive Candidates

If you have past candidates with whom you were impressed, reach out to them. They may be in the market for a new position; plus, you are already well-acquainted with them, and they have likely only gained experience in the interim.

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