15Dec, 2019

10 Ways We Prepare Our Candidates for a Successful Job Interview

As part of a top notch recruiting firm, you know that often even the best candidates for open positions can use helpful interview tips. Which means, part of our job is ensuring our best candidates […]

25Nov, 2019

18 Non-Generic Tech Interview Questions to Ask When Interviewing for IT Positions

Whether you’re interviewing or dating, you can’t get to know someone with generic, boring questions. Why? Generic questions warrant generic answers and you can easily get those by reading your candidate’s resumes and cover letters. […]

29Jun, 2018

Pride at Work

At Ascendo Resources, we foster an inclusive workplace where each employee is valued as an individual and has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We’re actively building a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion […]

2Mar, 2018

Atlanta March Newsletter

Senior Accountant with great stability and glowing references available immediately and open to contract!

2Feb, 2018

Atlanta February Newsletter

CPA with extensive SEC reporting experience available immediately and open to contract work!

3Aug, 2016

What NOT to Say on a Resume

What NOT to Say on a Resume

In today’s highly competitive job market, having a stellar resume is more important than ever. You have to give your prospective employer a reason to consider you as a […]

6Jul, 2016

Questions You Should Ask In An Interview

The possibility of getting a new job is certainly exciting, even though interviews can be quite nerve wracking. After all, you have to sit and answer questions from your potential employer and in many cases, […]

22Jun, 2016

Tips For Hiring The Right Employees For Your Business

If you’ve been experiencing high turnover in your business, it could be because you’re not hiring the right people. In order for your business to thrive, you must have employees who are passionate about the […]

8Jun, 2016

Should Your Company Outsource Your Human Resource Department?

When it comes to outsourcing, it’s not unusual for a company to outsource the Human Resource Department. This allows for you to focus on other business needs within your company.

Outsourcing the human resource company allows […]

25May, 2016

Turning The Tide On High Turnover Rates

If you are churning through workers almost as quickly as your company needs to produce widgets, you have to face some stark realizations. It is costing you dearly. No fear, answering some questions will lead […]

11May, 2016

Employers And Employees Should Look To The Top Executive Search Firms

Whether you’re an employer who needs help filling positions within your company or a consumer looking for a job related to your qualifications and experience, executive search firms can surely help. They make it their […]

4May, 2016

The Top Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

Are you planning on interviewing for jobs? If so, then you should know what some of the top questions you may be asked are going to be. With that said, below are the top five […]

20Apr, 2016

How Employers Are Using Ascendo Resources to Find Employees

One of the most difficult tasks that any employer has is that of finding and hiring the right employees. The difficult part comes in narrowing down to the person who is not only going to […]

1Oct, 2014

Why seasoned I.T. workers could be a big plus

Are You Too Old to Work in Tech? IT’s Midlife Crisis
October 2014- Managing Director, Eli Halabu explains why seasoned I.T. workers could be a big plus.

IT has the reputation of being a young person’s game.

Average […]

9Oct, 2013

60 Interview Questions

You’ll find in the interview questions below some you are asking already, some you haven’t been but would like to, and others that just don’t fit for your company and your jobs.

Comment on any, or […]

1May, 2013

Basic Interview Technique: “The Structured Approach”

The goal of any interview is to get an offer. If you have an Offer, you have a choice. No offer, No choice.
There are 5 Main Parts of an Interview

The Introduction
Gathering Information
Selling yourself
Answering Tough Questions
Wrapping […]

1May, 2013

Hiring Right: How Businesses Can Find the Best Talent for Long-term Success

For South Florida companies, the news of an expanding economy is extremely positive. According to recent data, Florida led the nation in new job creation in March, adding a total of 22,900 positions. As businesses […]

1May, 2013

Counteroffer Truths

You have been approached by another company and offered a position with growth potential and a moderate increase in compensation. You have analyzed and agonized over the decision to leave your job for what could […]

9Mar, 2013

Inside South Florida interviews Ascendo

Do’s and Don’ts for job seekers

Eugene Holzer, Managing Partner, was interviewed by Inside South Florida regarding the do’s and don’ts for landing your dream job.

9Dec, 2012

Ascendo quoted in WSJ.com article

New Job Offer? Better Check It Out.
By Dennis Nishi

While working as a financial consultant in Miami, William Kaiser was offered a full-time job in the compliance department of one of his bank clients. The […]

1Dec, 2012

South Florida Business Report interviews Ascendo

Charles Mehler, Managing Director in the WPB office, was interviewed by the local CBS station. Topics ranged from market conditions, resumes, and Ascendo’s growth in the last 4 years.

1Nov, 2012

Job Hunting Over the Holidays

Companies need temporary assistance: to fill positions created by holiday vacations or to meet year-end demand from customers. Temporary work is better than no work at all and it is an excellent way to show […]

9Oct, 2012

Ascendo quoted in Article regarding going back to ex-employer

Guess Who’s Back? Reapplying at an old workplace? Here’s what to consider before making a move.
By Dawn Klingensmith
CTW Features

Sometimes, leaving a job is like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend: You don’t know […]

1Jun, 2012

“Should I Stay or Should I Go Now”

Some often overlooked reasons whether or not to jump to that next job — taking lessons from other walks of life.
by Gene Holzer and Gus Pena, co-founders, Ascendo Resources

The hiring freeze that resulted from the […]