Recruitment Benefits of Working with a Physician Relocation Specialist

Recruitment Benefits of Working with a Physician Relocation Specialist

12Mar, 2015

Recruitment Benefits of Working with a Physician Relocation Specialist

Moving is always stressful, but relocating to a new city or state for an opportunity can add an extra level of anxiety to a new hire. This stress is often added on to a physician’s already hectic schedule as they try to leave everything in order before departing for their next opportunity. This stress and anxiety caused by the relocation can leave the physician feeling drained and mentally exhausted when they arrive at their destination, resulting in them being unable to hit the ground running in their new position.


Because of this, many recruiters and organizations utilize the services of professional physician relocation specialists, in order to ensure that the ordeal is as smooth and painless as possible. Below are the three main benefits of working with a relocation specialist during the physician recruitment process.


Put the Candidate’s Mind at Ease

 After giving notice, a candidate’s mind is often overwhelmed with wrapping up their duties with their previous employer, selling their home, and getting themselves and their family packed. Doing any one of these things can be highly stressful on their own, but when combined can leave a candidate at a complete loss. 


By making sure that the candidate has a seasoned professional that will help them with selling their home and getting their belongings to their destination, the candidate will be much more at ease when they arrive for work.



Ease the Transition to a New Community

Moving to a new city or state, even one a candidate is familiar with, can be very difficult. Between finding the right neighborhood and/or school district, buying or renting a home, or making sure to be situated near trendy restaurants and shops. Having a physician relocation specialist who is familiar with the community can help ease the transition for the physician and assist them in navigating their new community



Ensure that the Physician is Settled and Ready to Work on Day One

A seasoned physician relocation specialist will assist your new hire with everything from selling and buying a home to arranging movers, making the entire process of relocating immeasurably easier for the physician and their family. By reducing the level of stress they experience during the move, they will be able to begin work refreshed and at ease, decreasing the amount of time that it will take the new physician to ramp  up. 


Key Take Aways:

  • Relieving a physicians stress during a relocation can reduce ramp up time
  • A savvy relocation specialist can help a candidate find the right home and neighborhood for their needs
  • With so many moving pieces, it is crucial for physicians to have help during a move as they transition to a new opportunity