The 4 Biggest Signs of a Bad Physician Recruiter

The 4 Biggest Signs of a Bad Physician Recruiter

27Jun, 2017

The 4 Biggest Signs of a Bad Physician Recruiter

Most people don’t have the best impression Physician Recruiters. Just like in every other role, there are some recruiters who go above and beyond for their candidates and clients, while others are more apt to break the rules and let things slide. However, if you’re looking for your next opportunity, you’d be well served to avoid working with a bad recruiter.

So what is the easiest way to avoid the headaches that come with working with a bad physician recruiter? Learning how to spot one – and fast. Here are four major signs of a bad recruiter.


1.They’re Unresponsive

Whether you have questions about the position, organization, or interview process, your recruiter should be available to respond to any questions that you might have. While a typical physician recruiter is often busy working on multiple searches, a good recruiter will be sure to get back to you in some capacity within two business days.


2. They Don’t Listen to Your Preferences

If you’ve had to tell your physician recruiter multiple times that no, you would not consider a move from employed to private practice, it might be time to start working with a different recruiter. A good recruiter will listen to your preferences and use them to match you with positions that are a good fit for your experience and qualifications. A recruiter that constantly contacts your regarding positions you’ve told them you wouldn’t be interested in is wasting both your time and theirs.


3. They Submit Your CV Without Consent

Likely one of the biggest faux pas’ a recruiter can make is submitting your CV for a position they haven’t spoken with you about. Many times, recruiters will do this for personal gain and leave candidates feeling frustrated when they’re contacted by a hiring organization they’ve never heard of. Remember: when working with a recruiter, they should never submit you for a position without fully briefing you on it and obtaining your consent.


4. They Don’t Respect Confidentiality

If you’re a practicing physician, chances are any job search you undertake will be a confidential search. While most recruiters will respect your request for confidentiality, others will not. Occasionally, bad recruiters will look to obtain informal references from a candidate’s colleagues or may even go so far as to contact you at work. This can cause multiple issues at your current practice, possibly even costing you your current position.

Key Take Aways:

  • Bad recruiters will violate ethics guidelines and share your CV without your permission, reach out to existing colleagues for back-door references without your consent, or even contact your current employer. These recruiters’ bad behavior can cost you your current position.
  • Some recruiters are more interested in filling a position with any candidate than focusing on filling it with the right one. These bad recruiters will repeatedly reach out to you regarding positions which they know you wouldn’t be a good fit for.
  • Sometimes a bad recruiter is simply irresponsible – some will fail to respond to calls, emails, and texts after you’ve submitted a CV.