The Saboteur:How Difficult Influencers Can Derail Physician Recruitment

The Saboteur:How Difficult Influencers Can Derail Physician Recruitment

4Jun, 2015

The Saboteur:How Difficult Influencers Can Derail Physician Recruitment

Being a physician recruiter isn’t easy. Between dealing with a highly competitive market, managing oftentimes conflicting needs, and working with individuals with a variety of personalities, a typical recruiter has to juggle many competing demands. Having to manage all of these conflicting interests and personalities often results in pain points developing in the physician recruitment process, but many recruiters don’t realize that the biggest roadblock to a successful recruitment effort can actually come from within their own organization.


We call them “the saboteur.” This individual is usually part of the recruitment team, influencing the final decision or even being a key decision maker. So how can one person potentially ruin your recruitment effort? Below are three ways the wrong person in the right place can cause big problems.


Refusing to Follow Up in a Timely Manner

Individuals deeply involved in a physician recruitment effort are usually one of the first to review candidate CVs and decide if they would be a good fit for the position. So you begin sending them CVs of interested candidates, but don’t receive any feedback. Then the weeks go by, and they still refuse to give you feedback regarding the interested candidates. Soon, the interested candidates have withdrawn their interest due to a lack of communication, and the organization loses out on excellent candidates.



Refusal to “Sell the Job” to Prospective Candidates

In physician recruitment, it’s a candidate’s market. With the demand for qualified candidates outpacing the supply, employers are finding themselves needing to woo candidates to bring them on board. This is usually a team effort, requiring all individuals involved in the recruitment process to sell the candidate on the position. But sometimes, the saboteur fails to get the memo. Rather than put effort into engaging the candidate and extolling the virtues of joining the team, they expect the candidate to do all of the heavy lifting. This leaves the candidate with a poor perception of what it would be like to join your team.



Being Combative During the Interview Process

Not every influencer and decision maker approaches the interview process as a way to get to know candidates and show off their organization. Whether they feel threatened by the candidate, are insecure, or overly demanding, having an individual that is combative during the interview process can sabotage a physician recruitment effort. After an interview that can at times feel like an assault, many candidates will quickly withdraw their interest and go running to your closest competitor.



It’s sometimes difficult to spot a saboteur that is involved in the recruitment process, but when candidates begin to fall off after interacting with them, a physician recruiter can identify them as a major pain point that is derailing the recruitment effort. By being able to spot the problem, the recruiter can take steps to address the issue and take the necessary steps to remedy the situation – and save the recruitment effort from ruin.