The Top Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

The Top Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

4May, 2016

The Top Questions You May Be Asked In An Interview

Are you planning on interviewing for jobs? If so, then you should know what some of the top questions you may be asked are going to be. With that said, below are the top five questions you may be asked at your next interview.

1. Why do you want the job is one of the most common questions asked during interviews, and you should be prepared to answer this question. Don’t give generic answers or try to answer in a way that you think the interviewer wants you to answer. You want to give a genuine answer and give a detailed answer as to why you want the job, so really think about the reasons why you want the job.

2. Can you describe a time in your life that you led a team is another question you may be asked, especially if you the job you’re applying for consists of managing people, training people and organizing and planning work for other people. Try your best to give examples of how you led a team in a previous job and in your personal life, as this will make you look better and impress the employer. Make sure you outline the scenario and what the end result was.

3. What are your main strengths and how will those strengths help you with the job you’re applying for? You should think hard about what your strengths are and how you can use them to help you in the job you’re applying for. You don’t want to give just any old answer because you want to show the employer that you have strengths that can benefit their company.

4. What are some of your top weaknesses is another question you need to be prepared to answer. Think about a weakness you have improved on and continue to improve on and then tell the employer about it. You want to show the employer that you are taking steps to strengthen your weaknesses and/or you have already improved on your main weaknesses, but make sure you give your employer a solid answer and don’t tell them you have no weaknesses because this won’t impress the interviewer.

5. Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time is a question many interviewers ask and you want to make sure your answer is as realistic as possible. Employers want to know you have goals in mind, but don’t tell them what you think they want to hear. You can research various upper-level positions in the company you want to work for and if you can see yourself being promoted to one of those positions, then tell the interviewer and explain why you can see yourself being promoted.

The above questions are some of the top questions interviewers tend to ask. You should prepare yourself so you can answer them in a way that will leave the interviewer impressed. All you have to do now is come up with answers to the above questions and you could be one step closer to landing a job.

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