Unresponsive Candidates:Using Break up Emails in Physician Recruitment

Unresponsive Candidates:Using Break up Emails in Physician Recruitment

26May, 2015

Unresponsive Candidates:Using Break up Emails in Physician Recruitment

A physician applies for your opportunity, perhaps even interviews and conducts a site visit, and then suddenly becomes unresponsive. This is a series of events that many frustrated physician recruiters are familiar with. Oftentimes, the lack of communication is after promising discussions and interviews, leaving the recruiter at a loss as to why the physician candidate ceased to respond. 



The physician recruiter oftens spends days, even weeks trying to get in touch with the candidate, often with no luck. So what is a recruiter to do? One answer may be to look towards sales and marketing practices and utilizing a “break up email.”



What is a “breakup email”?

A break up email is a tool used mostly by sales professionals to either reengage or mark a lead as disinterested after multiple attempts to connect regarding their services. For recruitment, the same email format can be used to either reengaged physician candidates, or rule them out. The email usually provides the candidate with a quick and easy way to  indicate their continued interest, postpone their search, or remove themselves from consideration. Using this can help save a recruiter time and effort in continuing to reach out to candidates who are no longer interested, or whose job search has been placed on hold.



When do you use a break up email?

 When a prospect, or in this case a candidate, ceases to respond after showing intial interest in an opportunity, some recruiters continue to waste time and resources attempting to track them down. While it may be that the candidate is just busy, chasing after a candidate who is unresponsive can throw a wrench into the physician recruitment process. The break up email allows the recruiter to rule out these uninterested candidates that they would otherwise spend time and resources trying to reach.


What does a break up email look like?

 The break up email often opens with a summary of the opportunity and the writer’s interest in moving the process forward. Then, to make a response quick and easy for the recipient, the writer instructs them to respond with a simple letter corresponding to one of three options.


                       A) Yes, I’m still interested

                       B) I’m placing my job search  on hold for the time being – please follow                                 up with me in 6 months.

                       C) I’m no longer interested


By simply replying with one of the three letters, the recruiter makes it quick and easy to respond.


Key Take Aways:

  • Physician candidates may be busy, so make it easy for them to tell you if they are or aren’t interested
  • Being able to rule out candidates who aren’t interested allows recruiters to focus their energy on interested candidates
  • Giving candidates the option to let you know their search is on hold allows recruiters to place them on the back burner and reach back out if the position is still open in the future