Recently MDR HealthCare Search had the opportunity to obtain another prestigious physician to its group of exceptional candidates. Being an industry leader, this Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease physician brings more than knowledge to his inspiring career. He has seen many patients who have lived or traveled to other countries and have acquired infections such as malaria, typhoid fever, and tuberculosis. With first hand encounters, such as these, he has the ability to see the challenges of the less fortunate and dedicates his skills and time to ensure that they have the necessary resources to overcome these debilitations, one of his many commending qualities.   

Education & Medical Education

An ambitious and highly motivated demeanor is what you will inherit with this Board Certified Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease physician. He brings with him over ten years of clinical experience through his management of a busy inpatient and outpatient ID and HIV practice. His goal is to remain a resident of the beautiful San Francisco bay area and he seeks an opportunity in an Infectious Disease practice relatively close to his home. Through his attendance at prestigious universities and institutions stretching from the east to the west coast, he has gained an in-depth understanding of a variety of patients and their cultures.


  • Fellowship, Infectious Diseases

      UCLA-Affiliated Hospitals, Los Angeles, CA

  • Residency, Internal Medicine   

      Cedars- Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

  • Doctor of Medicine

      University of California, Davis, School of Medicine, Davis, CA

  • BA, Biology-Psychology, minor Economics

     Columbia University, New York, NY: Distinction: magna cum laude


Research & Recognition

This physician has an extensive knowledge of the health care industry as it is proven through his widespread research in the medical field. His research stems from New York City Department of Health in the Division of Microbiology, to Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center in the Department of Biochemistry, while finalizing his all-encompassing research at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in the Department of Epidemiology.


With a wide array of research experience, he has been highly recognized in his field with a multitude of awards and honors from prominent universities and organizations.


  • Recognition Award: Ebola and Measles Preparedness, Kaiser Permanente
  • Dean’s List, Columbia University
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, Columbia University
  • Josten’s Merit Scholarship, Columbia University


Personal Highlights


This physician enjoys patient interaction, the intellectual satisfaction that comes from studying medicine, and the ability to help and treat other people during times of sickness. His specialty in Infectious Diseases and HIV, is a field that has some unique qualities that he particularly appreciates. He is a consultant to all physicians, advising them on appropriate approaches and therapies for all types of infections. He sees complicated infections ranging from meningitis to skin infections, as well as infections found in immuno-compromised patients. One of his many specialties is providing care to HIV patients by treating them with highly active anti-retroviral drugs to control their disease. Beyond patient care, he is actively involved in antibiotic utilization and infection control at Kaiser Permanente.

MDR HealthCare Search has helped to place many physicians just like this one throughout the Southern California area. If you would like to learn more about this or other fantastic physicians that can make a long-term impact on your organization our consultants are here to assist. Connect with us today for a free consultation.