As the healthcare industry has grown more complex, healthcare organizations look to their staffing partners for more than just recruitment. Likewise, our clients require a more varied team of healthcare professionals – beyond physicians. That’s why Ascendo Healthcare develops tailored programs to meet your organization’s specific challenges and achieve your unique goals.

When you work with Ascendo Healthcare, you leverage decades of industry experience and gain access to real benefits that give your organization a measurable recruiting advantage:

  • Extensive Database: You’ll have access to an extensive, exclusive database of pre-screened physicians representing all medical specialties and available to only a handful of search firms.
  • Efficent Searches: Ascendo Healthcare Search typically fills positions in 90 to 120 days, with an average of three fully vetted candidates per vacancy.
  • Placements That Stick: Ascendo Healthcare guarantees every placement for a full year, and if necessary, we will conduct a no-charge replacement search.
  • Fill the Difficult Searches: Ascendo Healthcare has successfully recruited for nearly every medical specialty and has generated extraordinary results even for specialties facing extreme shortages such as primary care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A healthcare recruiter works with a network of healthcare providers in a variety of settings to assist with finding qualified clinicians based on the specific needs of each provider.
Successful healthcare recruiters will leverage their industry specific knowledge to act in an advisory role throughout the entire recruiting process. They will find out what is most important to the clinician they are working with and tailor the job search based on that information. A successful recruiter takes a more thorough approach to increase the likelihood of a quality match being made.
A common misconception we see with candidates is the belief that there are costs associated with utilizing a healthcare recruiter. As a candidate, a recruiter will assist them throughout the entire job search process at no cost. As a company looking to utilize recruiters to assist them with finding qualified candidates, the costs will vary based on the services requested. The feedback frequently received from our clients is that the benefits of using a healthcare staffing agency offset the costs associated with their services. In order to provide a service that provides value, the cost structure must be cost effective as well as competitive in the marketplace.
An Ascendo Healthcare recruiter will be able to fill most healthcare positions in every setting. The most common positions we fill are nursing and allied health openings.
An Ascendo Resources healthcare recruiter will provide the full spectrum of recruitment services throughout the entire process. They take a very candidate centered approach which leads to an individualized job search. In addition, our recruiters are available 24/7 to assist clinicians not only during the hiring process but while they are working on contract as one of our employees.
Due to how individual the job search is, the length of time to find a position is going to vary. The best way to see what a realistic timeframe would be, is to speak with an Ascendo recruiter.
The biggest challenge that healthcare recruiters face while recruiting is standing out from other recruiting firms. Our recruiters have found that by tailoring their approach towards each individual clinician they are able to provide a level of service that stands out within the industry.
Typically, the main benefit we see with our clients is an increase in departmental moral. When a client is short staffed this adds additional stress on all team members as well as their patients. We have found that by eliminating the hurdles that come with staffing, our clients can focus on what they do best, which is providing quality care.
Our first priority during the hiring process is to find out what the clinician’s goals are. After that is established, we will go through the clinician’s prior experience and verify that their licenses and documents are accurate and up to date. From there, we tailor the job search based on the clinician’s goals and qualifications. The recruiter will provide consistent feedback throughout the entire process and eliminate a lot of the typical stressors that arise during the normal job search process.
The steps for hiring a travel nurse are the same as the normal hiring process with a few exceptions. Since the nurse will be taking a travel assignment away from home, lodging and transportation to the assignment must be considered. The guidance provided by our senior recruiters and the services provided by our housing department make the travel process as simple and stress free as possible.