Graduating residents are an integral part of many organization’s physician recruitment strategy. Bringing energy, fresh ideas, and up to date medical knowledge with them to their first opportunity, new graduates are becoming more and more attractive to prospective employers. But graduating physicians aren’t just prized for their vigor and can-do attitude. 


With the effects of the physician shortage being felt in every corner, physician recruiters are expending more effort trying to attract graduating physicians. However, this increased interest in hiring new graduates has made getting through to them even more difficult. So how does a recruiter cut through the noise and attract young physicians? Check out the infographic below for information one what graduating physicians want – and how to use that to reach them.





Key Take Aways:

  • Candidates are being flooded with recruitment messages – so make sure to stand out and get yours in early
  • Whether it’s stability, support, or lifestyle, tailor what your opportunity offers to who you’re targeting
  • Candidates are starting their job searches earlier every year – don’t be afraid to connect with them if you know you will have a need by the time they graduate