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Healthcare Staffing and Recruitment in Orlando

No matter what kind of position you are looking to fill or apply for, Ascendo Resources is sure to go above and beyond. Contact us today to find out more!

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At Ascendo Resources, we pride ourselves on the depth of our team’s experience in the healthcare industry. We help both workers and employers find the right recruitment options with our professional network and extensive candidate database.

We carefully consider company culture, role description, candidate skills, and much more to select, bring together, and form the right partnerships and help everyone achieve their individual goals.

Healthcare Services — Orlando Staffing Professionals

Ascendo Healthcare positions highly skilled professionals across the nation. In Orlando, our experienced team gets to know the private practices, medical groups, and healthcare systems to ensure that the right staff meets the right employers. We work with your organization to fill all of your unique needs, including:

  • Local/Travel nurses
  • Locum tenens
  • Interim leadership
  • Permanent positions

Regardless of your staffing challenges, Ascendo Healthcare has the provider network for your staffing needs.

Locum Tenens Recruiting Professionals in Orlando

We make sure that you are positioned for success! Locum tenens are currently seeing an unusually speedy growth and high demand for their skills. Ascendo Healthcare works to help you capitalize on these current demands. You have the freedom to investigate the company culture and work environment before committing to a permanent contract. In the same way, providers have the opportunity to use your skills for unexpected physician needs.

Ascendo Healthcare appreciates that you want to find the right hospital that best suits your skills and needs. That is why we use a personalized service model with a support team dedicated to representing your interests. We can find a wide range of assignments and guide you through the process of maximizing your benefits.

Interim Leadership — Ascendo Healthcare Staffing Experts

Staffing specialists at Ascendo Healthcare work one-on-one with you to find the kinds of assignments that you will benefit from most. We have access to both short and long-term assignments and offer custom compensation packages, focusing on your needs and striving to deliver above and beyond your expectations.

For more information about our Recruitment Road Map, please visit our website.

Permanent Positions — Recruiting and Staffing Professionals

Ascendo Healthcare professionals in Orlando, FL take pride in providing the highest quality matches for both providers and job seekers. Our team works through the screening process for potential matches by utilizing first-hand knowledge and details of the working environment to ensure both clients and candidates are satisfied.

To learn more about the advantages and benefits of permanent positions, please check out our website.

Travel Nurses — Orlando Staffing Experts

Travel nursing, the fastest-growing sector in the healthcare industry, is a job in hot demand. Ascendo Healthcare has over 30 years of staffing experience, and we diligently apply that experience to find you the right assignments. We offer the ability for recruiters to create custom compensation packages that are specifically tailored to each nurse.