Going through a stack of candidate CV’s can be tedius. That is why many experienced physician recruitment professionals will spend just 6 seconds scanning a candidate’s CV to immediately rule them in or out. This can be very useful, especially when the recruiter knows exactly the type of training and experience they’re looking for. But while this initial scan can help you immediately rule candidates in or out, there are additional red flags that the savvy recruiter needs to keep an eye out for and make a note of to discuss with the candidate during the interview process.



There are plenty of really great candidates out there, many of which would love to find a new opportunity as part of your team. But it is up the the physician recruiter to be aware of red flags and make sure to thoroughly vet any potential candidates.

Some Key take aways include:

  • Dates are important! Make sure there are months and years, and that your candidate completed their training on time. Exception – Family business that required a leave of abscence or maternity leave  can cause training to be stretched out. Also, some physicians who have been in practicing for decades sometimes do not include months.
  • Licensure Matters. If they have more than four licenses, no listed licesnes for states where they worked, or licenses for states where they don’t list work experience, it could be a red flag! Make sure to invesitage thoroughly and check active and inactive licenses.
  • Use all of the contact info – appropriately. If they include a cell phone number, try to text them! People text more than they call, especially if it’s to schedule a convenient time to talk or meet. Also, if they don’t show up anywhere under the name they have on their CV, ask them if they changed it or are using a preferred name.


Remember, no red flag guarantees that a candidate isn’t a good fit, but it definitely is a sign to a physician recruiter to stay alert and on their game.