Ascendo quoted in on how to source candidates

30Sep, 2014

Ascendo quoted in on how to source candidates

How to Source and Interview Information Technology Managers

By John Rossheim

Are you looking to hire a information technology manager?

These recruiter tips will help you source and interview the IT talent you need.

How to Source Information Technology Managers:

  • Given their involvement in both management and technology, good candidates for IT manager may emerge from a broad array of corporate roles
  • IT managers at larger organizations are often willing to consider the right offer from smaller organizations, where they can expect to wield more power

Recruiting Tips:

  • We find available candidates by sourcing through many channels; we have our own database of almost 2 million professionals, and we use job boards, referrals from candidates and word of mouth,” says John Sliger, recruiting director at Randstad Technologies.
  • We check their resume to make sure they’ve done what they say they’ve done, and HR managers should check references, including from people the candidate has supervised,” says Alex Benario, a managing director with search firm Ascendo Resources.

How to Conduct the Information Technology Manager Interview:

  • Candidates should be asked to talk their way through a number of complex technical and managerial scenarios
  • A technologist should be called in to assess the candidate’s technical depth

Recruiting Tips: 

  • “Recruiters can use a technical interviewing service like Derrico to assess a wide range of abilities of candidates for IT manager,” says Tom Becker, vice president of recruiting for ManpowerGroup in North America. “Or you can bring in someone in IT who’s passionate about the company and have them conduct a technical interview.”
  • “Assessing soft skills is about having a conversation,” says Becker.